How To Make Rod Pocket Curtains Slide Easier: Proper Procedure Of Making Rod Pocket Curtains To Slide

Proper Procedure Of Making Rod Pocket Curtains To Slide Easily

The rod pocket curtains are also known as the pole top or casement curtains. They are a classic and also a nice and classy way to hang the drapery. A casing that is sewn exactly onto the back of the curtain on the top will help to allow the rod to slip in the unseen. Panels of the bunch gather on the rod for clean lines. In the case of the rod pocket curtains, no hardware is required to attach the curtain to the rod only a small part of the rod will be shown at each of the ends once the curtain is closed.
  • The rod pocket curtains work very well with the layered window coverings. The valences that are hung right above the curtain will help to hide the rod even when the rod pocket curtains are open. The sheers can be mounted underneath the main panels. The casement curtains are mostly used on the French doors as well as on the sidelights. Rods slip into the casements at the top as well as at the bottom of the panels, this way the curtains will be secured right to the top and to the bottom of a window. The Sheers are usually used for this type of window treatment, that will provide privacy as well as also will allow light to come through.
  • The user can select finials, which are the end caps of the curtain rod, that will complement the color and the pattern of the curtain. If the user wants to minimize the appearance of the hardware, that time they can try finials in the materials like glass, crystal as well as acrylic that will help to reflect light rather than attract the attention of the eye to the end cap.
  • In order to customize the rod pocket curtains, simply attach the curtain rings or the pin hooks to the back of the panel with the pocket. The Draperies are usually suspended from the rings, that are spaced evenly in a way so that they do not affect the gathers as well as the fall of the material. The rod pocket curtain is very difficult to open as well as to close & this is because the material does not slide easily all along on the rod. However, using the rings or the pin hooks will help to make the adjusting curtains much easier. If using pins or the rings, then make sure that they are strong enough to support the weight of the rod pocket curtain.
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