How To Make Pvc Patio Furniture: 6 Easy Steps To Make

The full form of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, this is actually a durable plastic and strong compound that is mostly used for plumbing. PVC is a corrosion-resistant material and easy to assembled and cut, their water-resistant feature and corrosion-resistant make it the best choice for the furniture such as outdoor furniture. Making patio furniture with PVC material is inexpensive and it is the best alternative idea than purchasing the outdoor patio furniture.

Steps To Make Pvc Patio Furniture

Here are the steps to make PVC patio furniture:
  1. Decide: In order to make PVC patio furniture, the user needs to decide the design first.
  2. Materials: Now, the user needs to bring PVC pipes and connection fittings materials to start making the patio furniture.
  3. Cut: Cut the PVC pipe to the desired lengths. Use electric reciprocating saw or hacksaw also use a pencil to lightly mark the PVC pieces.
  4. Prepare: After cutting, now prepare the PVC pipes for assembly, simply use fine grit sandpaper to sand the cut area of PVC pipes.
  5. Assemble: Start from the base and attach the correct pieces of pipe to the fittings, use a twisting motion to fit it easily, then apply some glue on the fittings area. Remember, use only PVC glue to avoid staining the pieces of pipe.
  6. Finish: Apply the seating material on PVC made according to the choice of the user, but the plywood is best for this.
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