How To Make Pillows Smell Fresh Without Washing: Ultimate & Best Ways To Keep Pillows Smell Fresh

Ultimate & Best Ways To Keep Pillows Smell Fresh Without Washing

In order to make pillows smell good, it is important to wash them regularly. But if you want to make pillows smell fresh without washing them, you can do so very easily. There are a number of ways used to clean the pillows and make them smell fresh but without washing them. The ultimate & the best ways are mentioned below:

Way 1: Mildew And Odor Removal

If in case the pillow smells very musty, then it may have mold or mildew spots and smells very dirty. That time the user needs to sprinkle the baking soda on the pillow and then vacuum it up. After almost 30 minutes this will help to remove some of the odor as well as dry spores. Spray a mist of vinegar over all the pillows then wipe it down with a white cloth or a sponge using a mild dish soap solution and if spots still remain there, then wipe it with rubbing alcohol used on the cotton swab. Air-dry the affected pillow for almost a day.

Way 2: Dry Dust

For pillows that are stored in a dusty area without having a pillowcase, the dry cleaning methods should be used on a regular basis to keep it dust-free as well as smell fresh without washing it. A pillow that is not dusted or vacuumed will look as well as smell dirty, and with a span of time, the dust becomes harder to remove. Vacuum down the pillows with a vacuum cleaner having the upholstery-brush attachment, or can use a crevice tool for getting into nooks and creases. A lint roller is very beneficial in picking up pet hair and the small and loose fabric fibers.

Way 3: Spill Control

In case of any spills, the user needs to immediately blot up spills from the affected area as much as possible because this will prevent it from soaking deep into the pillow. With the help of paper towels or a white absorbent cloth blot up the spills. Once the moisture is absorbed, then wipe the wet area down using a damp sponge or simply a white cloth if the spills are sour, such as fruit juice or milk. Leave the pillow to air dry in an area outdoors. The user can also use the mild dish soap-and-water solution to remove the spills as well as the sticky substances from many pillows. If the spills are not cleaned then the pillow will smell very bad.

Way 4: Mess Removal

If in case the gum or chocolate soils the throw pillow that time remove the sticky substances by simply placing ice, sealed in a sandwich bag, on the affected area until it hardens. After that, the user needs to scrape it away using the bowl of a plastic spoon. Clean the pillow after the job is done with a mild soapy solution applied on a white cloth.
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