How To Make Outdoor Pillows: Steps To Sew Pillows

How to Sew Outdoor Pillows?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Sew Outdoor Pillows:
  1. Gather All The Materials And Tools: The customers need to start by collecting all the tools and the materials they require while performing this procedure like polyfill pillow form, pencil, cotton piping, cotton thread, needle, scissors, yardstick, sewing machine, and exterior-grade fabric.
  2. Cut The Fabric: The customers need to calculate the size dimensions of the type of pillow they want. They then need to mark the exact measurements on the exterior-grade fabric and then trim the two equal sized fabric pieces. The customers also need to add a half inch fabric on all the four edges of the fabric for the Seam adjustments. The customers then need to trim the cotton piping according to the diameter of the pillow fabric. They then need to trim the exterior-grade fabric in order to cover the cotton piping respectively.
  3. Make The Piping: The customers then need to cover the cotton piping with the exterior fabric towards its right side facing outwards accordingly.
  4. Compile The Pillow Cover: The customers then need to lay the right sides of the fabric pieces all together and they need to affix the custom piping in order to check whether the edges are facing towards the same angle. The customers then need to affix the 3 fabric layers by using the sewing pins and then they need to use the scissors to trim the cleavage in the fabric all around the edges of the fabric so that the piping will get affixed smoothly. The customers then need to leave a gap at the base of the pillow.
  5. Stitch The Cover: The customers then need to stitch all the pinned sides of the fabric and then eventually remove all the sewing pins.
  6. Insert The Pillow Form: The customers then need to cut the threads and then they need to flip the pillow cover towards it right side outwards. They then need to eject the polyfill form inside the pillow cover. The customers need to lightly pull the pillow and make sure that all the fabric cover corners are filled by the Polyfill. The customers finally need to close the gap by using the needle and the thread accordingly.
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