How To Make New Wood Look Like Old Barn Wood: Procedure

Procedure to Make New Wood Look like Old Barn Wood

Barn wood refers to a reclaimed wood that comes from old barns which cannot be repaired. The reclaimed wood can be used in various interior design projects. The user can also make his new wood similar to an old barn wood by following the below-given procedure which is divided into two parts:

Distress the Wood

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary for the user to collect all the required tools for the process such as an inexpensive angle grinder, knot cup brush attachment with matching arbor diameter to the grinder, a utility knife, an awl, and a claw hammer. Also, the user needs to wear safety glasses and a dust mask to get protection from grinding dust and grinding wood chips. The steps to distress the wood are as follows:
  1. Grind The Wood:
    The process of giving the wood an old barn look begins with grinding. First, the user needs to grind the edges and ends of the wood by spinning the grinder anti-clockwise. Also, the user needs to hold the grinder sideways so that the grinder spin will match the wood grain. It has been recommended to make gouges on the edges & ends randomly. After grinding the ends & edges, the user needs to focus on the wood surface afterward. In order to grind the wood surface, the user needs to run the grinder along the surface to remove softwood from the growth rings.
  2. Make Wormholes:
    The next step will be to make random patterns of wormholes in the wood. The user needs to punch an awl into the wood to create holes and there should be minimum 6-12 inch gap between each pattern of wormholes.
  3. Dent The Wood:
    After that, the user needs to create dents in the wood randomly by using tools like a chain, metal pipe, or any blunt tool. It has been recommended by the experts to create dents with a hammer claw as it will work well.
  4. Create Splits:
    The next step will be to create splits or cracks along the edges or ends of the board. The user needs to run a utility knife along the wood grain to carve out softwood and simulate it like a crack.
  5. Create Saw Blade Marks:
    In order to create saw blade marks, the user needs to sweep the grinder across and against the wood grains in a series of arcs. The step will give the wood a rough sawn lumber look and the user can add similar pattern to few more wood boards for variety.

Finish The Wood

Once the wood is completely distressed, the user needs to finish it by following the below-given steps:
  1. Apply Base Coat:
    First, the user needs to apply a base coat of stain over the entire wood with a roller. The stain should be lighter in color and the excess stain needs to be wiped off from the wood with a cotton rag. The user needs to let the base coat dry for about 5 minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Dab Dark Stain:
    The next step will be to dab dark stain on to the wood in random patches. The user needs to dip a wadded cotton rag in a dark stain, then dab the dark stained rag on to the wood in patches, and then spread those patches with a rag in order to create an uneven layer of dark stain.
  3. Apply Gray Stain:
    After that, the user needs to wipe gray stain all over the dark stained wood by using a separate cotton rag. It has been recommended to wipe off the excess gray stain by using a dry cotton rag. The user needs to wipe off the wood until he gets the desired barn wood look.
  4. Apply Polyurethane:
    If the user wants a clear finish over the stained wood, he needs to let the wood dry overnight. Once the stain over the wood dries, the user needs to apply one or two coats of polyurethane over it. It has been recommended to use matte or flat sheen polyurethane finish in order to retain barn & weathered look.
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