How To Make Hardwood Floors Shine Without Refinishing: Easy Steps To Shine

Easy Steps To Shine The Hardwood Floor Without The Refinishing Process

The easy steps to shine the hardwood floor without the Refinishing process are as follows;
  1. Cleaning: It is one of the important steps in shining the hardwood floor, sweep the floor on the regular basis, special at the entrance and the other place that are prone to high wear and tear. Daily cleaning helps in removing the surface dirt and keeps the surface shiny.
  2. Solution: Prepare a solution of the equal parts of vegetable oil and white vinegar in the spray bottle. Shake the cleaner every time well before using, this is because the oil gets separated.
  3. Mop: Mop the floor with the help of soft cloth using the solution once a week, the low traffic areas may require less mopping than the high traffic areas
  4. Sparay The Cleaner: Simply spray the cleaner on the hardwood floor and start mopping. The vinegar helps to remove the dirt and for the condition vegetable oil works better, this will also keep the floor shiny for a long period of time.
  5. Wipe The Residue: Now the step is to wipe all the residue from the hardwood floor with the help of the soft towel or a mop head. Buff the floor in a circular motion that will also bring the shine on the floor.
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