How To Make Floor Shine: Steps To Make Laminate Floor Shine

Steps to Make Laminate Floor Shine

The users can easily make their laminate floor shine by following the below-mentioned ways:

Clean the Floor

  1. Sweep The Floor: Start by cleaning all the dust and the debris particles from the laminate floor by using the microfiber mop or the vacuum as well.
  2. Make A Solution: Make a solution of the rubbing alcohol, water and white vinegar in the spray bottle. Shake the solution well before applying it directly on the laminate floor. Rub the microfiber mop over the entire surface of the laminate floor. The users are advised to work in small sections on the laminate floor.
  3. Clean The Floor: Use another soft cloth to wipe away all the solution residue from the laminate floor and then use soft dry towel to buff the laminate floor accordingly.

Keep the Laminate Floor Shiny

  1. Make The Vinegar Mixture: Make a mixture of the white vinegar and the warm water in a large bucket. Stir the water and then use a soft towel and soak it into the solution. Rub the soaked towel over each section of the laminated floor.
  2. Use The Soft Mop: Use a soft mop to wipe away all the vinegar residue from the floor and then buff the laminate floor accordingly.

Preventing Damage

  1. Clean Up The Spills: Use the paper towel to clean up the liquid spills immediately. If the water remains on the laminate floor for a long time it can damage the floor easily.
  2. Do not Use Cleaning Pads: The laminated floors can get scratches easily if the scrubbing pads are rubbed over it. Users must use the microfiber cloth to clean the laminate floor.
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