How To Make Drafting Table: Major Steps To Build

How To Make Drafting Table

The users can easily make a drafting table by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Gather All The Tools And Materials: The users need to start by gathering all the tools and the materials that they require while performing this procedure like power drill, screwdriver, circular saw, pliers, pencil, ruler, Anti-scuff pads, 3/8" thick scrap wood, Collapsible Table Legs, Hinges, Table Legs, wood glue, and sawhorses as well.
  2. Trim The Scrap Wood Pieces: They need to start working by trimming the Two Pieces of the scrap wood one piece for the table that is having the size dimension of the 25"x49" and the other piece for the drawing surface that is having the size dimension of the 28"x36" accordingly. One-piece should be larger than the other and the other one would be used as the shelf respectively.
  3. Affix The Hinges: Once the users trimmed the two pieces of the scrap wood then they have to take the 3/8" thick scrap wood pieces and lay them beneath the drawing surface to make sure that the table lies in a flat surface. After that, they have to arrange the table to the exact side of the drawing surface and then they have to affix the hinges in the center and the bottom area of the drawing piece of the table. The users are also advised to be very careful while affixing the hinges as they need to affix the smaller hinge part to the table area and not to the drawing piece of the table. Once they completely affixed the hinges then they have to turn the table to properly test the attachment of the hinges.
  4. Affix The Legs: Once the top part of the table is completed then they have to arrange the edge of the table legs and then they have to mark a spot out there. After that, they have to use the electric drill to make a hole on that marked spot and then they have to attach the screws and affix it to the tabletop. Then they have to repeat the same process while affixing the second pair of the table legs. Once the legs are attached properly the users can also add the Anti scuff pads to the table feet to protect the floor surface from getting scratches.
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