How To Make Concrete Flower Pots: Two Easy Ways

Two Easy Ways To Make A Concrete Flower Pots

In order to make concrete flower pots, go through the below mentioned two easy ways:

1st Way: Creating The Mold

  • First of all, you need to get 2 different sized boxes as these boxes will be the mold that you will need to create the planters. Also, take one large box and a slenderly smaller box as this smaller box will be able to fit inside your larger box. The space in betwixt the 2 boxes will regulate the thickness of the concrete planters.
  • Now, use a plastic container comparatively than boxes. If you want to make a concrete planter that has a different shape than a square or the rectangle, you just need to purchase a plastic container of any shape to serve the molds. Buy 2 different sized plastic containers from your department store.
  • You have to take a tape of a plastic trash bag in the smaller container. Now Stretch that trash bag over the smaller container so that it's tense against the sidelong. It should be tight inside the container as well. You have to tape the trash bag to the box or container with the help of duct tape. The plastic bag will keep your concrete away from putting to the small container and it will become easy for you to the mold.
  • Now you need to mark 2 inches (5.1 cm) the large container from the bottom. You can also use a ruler to measure 2 inches (5.1 cm) from the inferior on the inside of the large container. Now you have to make a horizontal line with the help of a pen or marker. This will help you find out how much concrete you should initially pour into the mold. You can also make the sides of your planter thick, but for this, you have to measure and mark the line that reflects the change in concept. For example, if you see that your planter's walls are 4 inches (10 cm)-thick than you have to measure and mark 4 inches (10 cm) from the base of the planter.
  • Now use the cooking spray in order to coat the inside of the container. Spread it as it is the non-stick spray coating it on full surface. The cooking spray will help you to make it so easy and your concrete will not stick to the sides of that larger container. You can also buy a can of cooking spray as it is available online and also at a grocery store. You can use mineral spirits to coat the inside of the larger box. Simply you have to Pour the spirits into the bottom of the box and spread it around inside of the box with the help of rag.

2nd Way: Filling In The Mold

  • You have to mix the water and concrete using a bucket or wheelbarrow. Read the instructions fully that are printed on the package as it will help you to know how much water and concrete you have to mix. Now wear gloves and pour the concrete mix in the bucket. Slowly you have to pour the water to your concrete mix. Use a stick to mix it fully and it should look like the oatmeal. You have to take out all the lumps before pouring and mixing it.
  • Now you have to take concrete and pour it into the larger box, up to the line which you made. Now you need to Shovel it from a bucket and keep it into the large container.
  • Then you have to fill the larger container until it reaches the mark that you already made or it should be 2 inches high. This thing will help you to form the bottom of your planter.
  • Check here if you have thicker walls than you need to adjust the pour down level of your concrete. Now you have to make a concrete planter. For this, you have to take and place the smaller container in the larger container.
  • Make sure you Weigh down the smaller container with the help of stones or sand. This will prevent your smaller container from floating when you try to finish filling the mold.
  • Now take the wet concrete in between the smaller and larger container and you have to slowly put the concrete and pour it in between the containers. Be sure you have to continue pouring the concrete until you see it fills the mold completely. Now let the mixture sit and keep it in a ventilated area for a full day.
  • You have to set its molds excursus in a place where they will not get disturbed. Also, cover the top of molds with the help of cloth or tarp. Now be patient you have to wait a full day so that the concrete get fully hardens and sets. Remember you have to check the instructions that are printed on the concrete bag to find out exact setting time.
  • Finally pull out your smaller mold and flip your planter over and then lift up the larger container. Decorate the outside of your planter to personalize it.
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