How To Make An Oval Tablecloth: Step By Step Guide Of Creating An Oval Shaped Tablecloth

Step By Step Guide & Items Required For Creating An Oval Shaped Tablecloth

The oval tables are having a great shape just like the other tables. If in case the users desire to make the tablecloth for their oval-designed table, then they need to resign themselves from placing the fabric over the surface of the table, weigh it downwards, and then mark down the exact size before the users trim it and then stitch it. This process is quite easy only if the users use the correct techniques and the right tools. The users can easily make an oval tablecloth at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Tape Measure, Sewing Machine, Heavy Objects
  • Iron, Thread, Hem Marker
  • Scissors, Straight Pins And Pencil


  • Calculate The Length: Start by calculating the table length and then add the inches especially for the table drop as they wish and then multiply it by 2. Then the users need to add one inch for the cloth hem and the length of the drop ranges in between the ten to twelve inches and the length of the short drops usually ranges in between the sixteen to twenty-four inches and for the medium-sized drop, it ranges in between the twenty-eight to thirty inches. In order to attain the best drop length for the table cover, the users are advised to sit on their table and then find out the specific length for their drop cloth.
  • Calculate The Width: Then the users require to calculate the width of the table and then add the inches for their table drop and multiply it by 2. Then they need to add one by two inches for the allowance of the seam if the users are sewing the panels with one another so as to form the total width. If in case the users require to have the 2 panels they need to add the one inch to their calculations. Then trim down the fabric as per the calculated length and the width.
  • Stitch The Fabric Pieces: Now stitch together the fabric pieces so as to create a suitable table width if required. If in case the table is very wide then they need to stitch together 2 or 3 fabric pieces. If so the users need to pin down the fabric pieces with one another then they need to match up the lines of the elements of the design and then stitch it by using the one and a half-inch allowance of the seam.
  • Use The Heavy Items: Next the users need to centre the fabric over the surface of the table and then use the heavy weighted items so as to hold the cloth gently in the place. Then they need to tug the fabric smoothly so as to be assured that it will not move.
  • Use The Hem Marker: The users require to take the hem marker and then move it all around the surface of the table so as to make the soft trimming lines on the table surface by using the pencil. This will go faster than by using the pins and minimizes the pulling chance on the surface of the fabric and then disturb the central point. Trim the fabric gently on the trimming lines.
  • Make The Narrow Hem: The users need to make a narrow hem on their tablecloth as this is the easiest way to create the twisted corner. Then press beneath the fabric by the one by two inches or they can easily sew the one by two-inch hem on the base corner. They need to rotate the base again by the one by two inches and then sew it down beneath the folded middle so as to finish up the hem.
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