How To Make An Outdoor Bench Cushion: Steps To Make Cushions


The Seat of the bench is long that is very helpful for many people to sit on it at the same time. The bench is made up of different types of material like wood, metal, stone, and other such types of material. The outdoor bench is mostly placed in the garden or on the balcony. The wood bench is commonly placed in the garden and the seat of the wood bench has cushions on it. The outdoor bench cushions can easily get damaged or torn within a short period of time because of many reasons including the weather condition. So making own outdoor bench cushions is a good idea to save money and give the best look to the outdoor bench by a homemade cushion.

Steps To Make Cushions

  1. Measurements: The first step to make the outdoor bench cushions is to measure the right size of the outdoor bench with the measuring tape.
  2. Pattern: Now draw the best pattern on paper which suits the bench perfect and leave extra 2 inches.
  3. Material: The best fabric for the outdoor bench cushions are upholstery fabric, corduroys and velvets.
  4. Sewing: Now sew the pattern on the selected fabric for bench cushions.
  5. Stuffing: Now start stuffing the fiber into the bench cushions.
  6. Waterproof: The Waterproof spray can be more helpful to protect the bench covers from rain water.
    Just spray the waterproof spray on the bench cushions for 2-times and let the cushions dry.
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