How To Make An Ottoman Frame: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure & Items Required To Make An Ottoman Frame

The users can easily make an ottoman frame at home by first gathering the materials that are mentioned below and then following the below-described procedure:

Materials Required

  • One BisonBord Of Size 500 x 500mm
  • Two BisonBord Of Size BisonBord 200 x 468mm
  • Two BisonBord Of 200 x 500mm
  • One Pine Board 44mm Wide
  • 16mm & Shank Screws
  • High-Density Foam, Thin Batting & Drill/Driver
  • Staple Gun, Scissors, Hammer & Thick Foam


  • Assembling The Base: In order to craft the ottoman base the users need to affix the 2 long side portions to the top by using the angle braces and the screws of size 16mm. The users are advised to place the tip of screws in the exact central point of the hole within the brace or else it will not lay in the straight direction.
  • Affixing The Sides: Then they need to affix down the smaller sized portion in an exact way and then they need to add the angle braces to the sides in order to secure it. The users are advised to leave enough space for mounting down the foot battens respectively.
  • Attaching The Feet Battens: Then they need to use the 44mm sized pine piece and then place it at one edge of the box and then use the pencil in order to markdown underside for the trimming process. These will act as supporting feet battens and if the users are adding the large feet then they need to use the wide sized batten. Then they need to screw down the battens in their exact place by using the shank screws respectively.
  • Trim The Foam Batting For The Cushions: The users need to place the base of the bottom over the top surface of the foam and then trim it by using the sharp blade and then trim it as per the required size.
  • Adding The Batting: Then the users need to trim the batting for the bottom base and to do so they need to lay the bottom base over the batting surface by leaving some extra batting all around in order to cover the side height. Then the users need to use the scissors to trim all the four edges respectively. Then they need to use the staple gun so as to staple down the edges of the trimmed batting.
  • Trim And Affix The Fabric: Then the users need to place the base over the new fabric and then allow the 5cm extra fabric on all the sides before trimming it. Then they need to place the new trimmed fabric over the base and the staple it down on all of its corners.
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