How To Make An End Table Higher: Easy Methods Of Raising Height Of An End Table

Easy Methods Of Raising Height Of An End Table

Raising the height of the end table can be a simple task with the help of the right tools. You can easily add feet, or extensions to the end table legs to raise its height. Below are the ways for making end table taller:

Wooden Extensions Method

  1. Find Short Wood Pieces Roughly: Look for the wooden pieces that are rough of the same width as the table legs as well as same type of wood. It is advisable to purchase the unfinished wooden pieces or the pre-made table legs that can be sawed as needed.
  2. Turn The Table: Flip the table upside down and then make the center of each leg. Simple keep the table face on the ground and use a ruler, to measure the center point of each table leg. Mark the center spot with a pencil.
  3. Drill Holes: With the help of an electric drill, drill a hole that is approximately 0.25 inches deep at the bottom of each table leg at the center marked spot. Then, insert the back of the tee nuts right into the drilled holes. Gently pound the tee nuts with the help of hammer into the wood. It is important that the surface of each tee nut should be properly flushed with the wood surface.
  4. Insert Hanger Bolts: In the center of each piece insert the hanger bolts. The hanger bolts are screws having the bolts on the end of them. Simply measure as well as markdown the center of each of the wooden extension. Then drill a hole in each piece that should be roughly half of the length of the hanger bolts, then secure the screw part of the hanger into the wood.
  5. Attach Each Leg Extension Firmly: Carefully screw down the bolts from each of the wooden extension right into the hammer tee nut that is on each leg. Continue the screwing process until to make sure that they are firmly attached. Flip the table to check the evenness of the legs.
  6. Sand Around The Area: In order to make the legs look seamless sand the area. Using a piece of 100-grit sandpaper to smooth wooden extension surface as well as the bottom of the table leg. Continue the sanding process until the line where the 2 parts meet looks seamless natural.

Adding Extensions

  • Bed Risers: To make the end table taller quickly, buy a bed riser to place under the table legs. Bed risers can be easily found in wood as well as plastic, in different sizes and shapes. It is important to be sure to purchase the risers which will support the weight of the table.
  • Attach Bun Feet: The other option is to attach the bun feet. Purchase 4 bun feet with the pre-installed hanger bolts from the local hardware store. After that drill the holes that are 0.25 inches deep into the bottom of the legs, then secure tee nuts. Now Screw-in the feet until they are attached firmly and the table doesn't shake.
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