How To Make A Standard Window Awning: Steps And Items Needed

Steps & Items Needed To Make A Standard Window Awning

Do you want to make a standard window awning yourself? If yes then collect all the mentioned items and start your work. Here is the list of required items and all the steps for this process:

Things You Will Need

  • 2-2x4 Of Approximately 8 Feet In Length.
  • 1-2x6 Of 10-Foot Length.
  • 3-1x64 Of 8-Foot Length.
  • 1 Box Of 2.5-Inch Wood Or Drywall Screws.
  • 6 Stucco Lags With Inserts Drill Masonry Bit Properly Sized For Stucco Lag Inserts.
  • 1/8 Inch Drill Bit
  • Square Carpenters Pencil
  • Saw-Hand Or Circular Sandpaper With 120 And 200 Grit Sanding Block
  • Paint Stain As Desired A Torpedo Level

Steps For This Process

  1. Build the bracket mounts. First of all, you need to cut the 1x6's in half to make 6 pieces of 4 feet long each. Now cut 8 foot, 2x4 boards, into 1 piece of 3-foot length & 1 piece of 4-foot length. If any piece remains, that needs to be discarded.
  2. Then cut the 2x6 in half to make 2 pieces of 5-foot length. At 1 end of one of 5-foot lengths piece, cut a 30-degree angle towards the top of it and at other ends, cut a 60-degree angle toward the bottom. Measure all the angles from the same side.
  3. Now, cut the other 5 foot 2x6 same as in the previous step. Place your 4-foot length of the wood piece against the end of the 3-foot length in ‘L’ shape.
  4. Next you need to pre-drill pilot holes and also use the wood screws to secure all the 2 pieces together in the shape of ‘L’. Do this for the other side as well.
  5. Mark as well as Cut Slat Locations. With the short length on your ground, you need to attach 5-foot length to the previously assemble L shape frame.
  6. Be sure that the angles you've cut are towards the extended length and your ground. Starting from the top, simply you have to mark lines level to your ground about 2 inches long.
  7. From the back end of marked lines, mark perpendicular lines to the edge of your board. You need to have a number of “L” shapes marked.
  8. Cut all these notches out and repeat this process on your other bracket by using the first bracket as a template. Now you need to use sandpaper to finish all these cuts to get the proper fit of the slats.
  9. Then prepare for the painting process. Before assembling your awning for paint, it is recommended to entirely sand all pieces of your wood and also the assembled frames for readying them to paint or staining.
  10. Next, you need to determine where you want to locate your awnings in relation to your window and then mark judiciously. Drill holes for the lag screws in your frame vertical piece because this will go against your wall.
  11. Pre-drill your wall with the help of masonry bit for the lag inserts. Secure the lag inserts in your wall at this time.
  12. Then start applying the finish. Finally, it's time to either paint or stain the awnings. This way you won’t get any stain or paint on the wall of the house.
  13. After drying your awnings, now its time to assemble the awnings.
  14. Fit each slat in the actual place, one at a time, pre-drill and then you need to securely install the wood screws of 3-inch length, 2 per slat.
  15. This project will take up to 3 or 4 hours to complete.
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