How To Make A Small Kitchen Island: Different Methods

Different Methods For Making A Small Kitchen Island

The user can make the small Kitchen Island from the below-mentioned methods:

From A Dresser

  1. Find A Dresser: The first step is to find a dresser that will be used to make a small Kitchen island. Try to look for the dresser that will be rough of the same size as of available space. If in case the user wants the island in a different color, then the user should color the dresser in the beginning then it becomes difficult to paint it up.
  2. Legs Or Wheels: The next step is to add the legs or wheels, in case the top of the dresser is very low then add legs to raise its height to make it stationer than legs are the best option if the user wants it to be move able that time add wheels.
  3. Replace The Back: Now in this step the user needs to check the back of the dresser if it's unsightly or damaged, then replace it by cutting or having cut a custom-sized piece of particleboard or MDF board. Carefully remove the old one that is damaged and then fix the new one into place by nailing.
  4. Replace The Top: Now in this step if the user wants more friendly top for the food preparation, then replace the existing dressing top with the top of the choice

Desk Or Table

  1. Desk Or Table: For making the small kitchen island from the Desk Or Table, the user will need a desk or table that has two flat sides which will act as the legs. The user can also purchase a table like this from any furniture store or can easily make one from two rectangles of sturdy wood, or even with thick plywood which should be at least 2 inches thick.
  2. Cutting The Pieces: The first rectangle sturdy wood will act as the counter top and should be cut to the needed size. However, the second rectangle wood will be cut in half and is used to make the legs of Kitchen island. Now the user needs to join them together by cutting a 45° angle at the edge of both sides of the top and at one end of each of the two-leg. Then press the Angeles together strongly keeping the inside of the joint best quality wood glue and then screw from the top of legs in the center at all the four points.
  3. Cabinets And Organizers: Once the above step is done then the next step is to look for cabinets and organizers and attach them to the underside of the table, this will create the usable space in the design. It's important to make sure Cabinets And Organizers should equal the underside length and width of the island. They should be taller to underside size.
  4. Attach The Cabinets To The Desk: Now in this step the user needs to attach the cabinets or Organizers to the frame or desk simply by screwing, the screw should be of the size that will only go halfway through the wood panel.
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