How To Make A Round Tablecloth From A Rectangle: Step By Step Guide Of Making A Round Tablecloth

Step By Step Guide Of Making A Round Tablecloth From A Rectangle

The round tablecloth can easily change the basic table into the pleasing table. The circular cloth can easily conceal beneath the table so as to add the decor to any room. If the users can use the cloth of the full length, they can easily add the contrasting look for the table. The users need to select the right fabric and the color as per their desire and need. Here are some of the steps to make the round tablecloth from a rectangle:

Step 1: Calculate The Width Of Cloth

Start by folding up the rectangular shaped fabric in the halves and then position the fabric on their table with its folded corners towards them. Calculate the fabric width from the folded portion that is towards them and to the corner that is far away from them. Then the users require to double up the calculations so as to get the maximum diameter of the circle from their fabric. If in case the wrapped fabric is of the thirty inches wide then the diameter of the circle will be sixty inches and then allow the space for the fewer allowances. If in case the width of the tablecloth is one and half-inch in width then the hem will be quite wider than the actual calculations. The users need to add the fabric sections as per the length of the corners. If in case the cloth is having eighty inches in width then the folded fabric will be forty inches in width. If in case the folded fabric is thirty inches in width then they need to add up the eleven-inch fabric strip to each longer corner. They need to use the half-inch sized allowance for the sea and then press down both the sides from its uncovered corners. Then they need to refold their fabric and then place it on the flat table.

Step 2: Measure And Cut

Calculate the fabric length from its right to the left on the fold as well. Then mark down the middle length point on the folded portion. If in case the fabric is of seventy inches in length then they need to place the mark at the thirty-five inches on the folded portion. Then they need to calculate the middle point to the rightmost side on the folded portion as per the fabric width. Then they need to position the mark on the middle right of the length of the folded portion at the thirty inches. After that, make the same mark at the thirty inches to the center-left mark. Then use the measuring tape and then hold up the tape on the middle folded mark and then calculate the thirty inches on the folded portion. Then they need to make the same mark of the thirty inches on the center-left side mark. Then use the measuring tape with their left hand and then hold up the tape end on the middle fold mark. Then the users need to calculate the thirty inches on the fold and then place the mark on the fabric. They need to keep the fabric tape at the middle folded mark and then calculate the thirty inches on the folded portion and then position the mark on it. Then taut the tape and then draw the arc and their line needs to be of the semicircle shape. Then mark down the arc and then complete it by uniting the marks. Then trim off the fabric as per the marked lines.

Step 3: Sew The Cloth

Then place the fabric wrong side adjacent to the back of the machine and then serge the edge. Then the users need to rotate the corner over the one by four inches to the back and then press down the fold. With its right side, the users need to serge the corner. If in case the users add the fabric widths then press down the allowance of the seam to the cloth center so as to minimize the seam visibility for the user that will be seated on the surface of the table. The user then needs to decorate their cloth by using the fringes at the base. Then they need to trim the cloth two inches small as per the desired calculations and then add the fringes there.
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