How To Make A Pallet Sofa For The Garden: 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps to Make a Pallet Sofa for the Garden

Pallet refers to a structural foundation that provides support to goods while being lifted by an erect crane, a jacking device, a front loader, a pallet jack, and a forklift. In order to build a sofa for the garden out of pallets, the user needs to follow below given 5 easy steps:
  1. Collect The Pallets:
    The first step will be to collect all the pallets at the workplace. In order to make a long lasting sofa, the user needs to collect a good quality of pallets. If possible, the user needs to get the pallets with a cool brand of wood stamped or burned at the front.
  2. Cut Down All The Pallets:
    After that, the user needs to cut all the pallets in a similar width to mix and match the pallets easily. First, the user needs to measure the pallets and cut them straight across all the slats. Then, the user needs to remove a few inches of pallets hanging onto the side of the pallets. The removed few inches of pallets can be reused by sliding and reattaching them into the gap of the pallets with nails.
  3. Create Cushions:
    The next step will be to create cushions for the pallet sofa. First, the user needs to lay his cushions on top of the pallets in order to determine the overall length of the cushions required. The cushions used in the pallet sofa should be as per the user preference.
  4. Attach The Backs:
    After that, the user needs to attach pallet back to the pallet seating by using a few screws. It has been recommended by the experts to overlap pallets at the corner so that the user can screw them along the seam.
  5. Finish Up:
    Once the pallet sofa seating and back is attached, the user needs to place cushions over the sofa accordingly after which the pallet sofa is ready to be used.
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