How To Make A King Size Bedspread: 6 Easy Steps & Items Needed For Making A King Size Bedspread

6 Easy Steps & Items Needed For Making A King Size Bedspread

If in case you want to modify the décor in your bedroom, it is highly possible that you might also go for a new king size bedspread. If you are having a sewing skills and also know how to measure, then it be extremely easy for you to make your own King Size Bedspread, which in turn will give you satisfaction that you saved money, got what you want & knowing that you made it yourself. Therefore, if you want to build a king size bedspread yourself, then first you need to gather the required items for the process & then go through the simple steps carefully:

Items Needed

  • Quilting Fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Easy Steps

  1. First of all, take the measurement of that portion of the bed you want to cover with your king size bedspread. The average size of a king size bedspread is nearly 96 inches by 116 inches. If in case these measurements are not according to your taken size, you can always add or subtract inches in order to get the size you desire. Make sure to compute an additional 2 inches to your width as well as length measurements for a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides. For instance, if in case your measurements are 96 by 116 inches, then your fabric panel would be 98 by 118 inches.
  2. Now, buy your quilting fabric for the bedspread, which you will most likely get at your local craft or fabric store. Pre-quilted fabric is one of the best fabrics to use when making a bedspread, due to the reason that it is pre-cushioned and easier to work with.
  3. Next, trim your fabric out. Because you in all likelihood will have two panels for each side, make sure to trim them evenly. For instance, if in case your bedspread is 96 inches wide, then you need two panels that are 50 inches wide each. The additional 2 inches are for the seams. After that, it will be extremely easy to sew them together at the center.
  4. Sew two panels for both the top as well as the bottom together in the center, connecting the two pieces of fabric. Place your top panel with the right side facing up, on a horizontal or flat surface. Position your bottom bedspread fabric panel on top of it, right sides together. Attach the sides and one end edge together before sewing a seam around all three sides, leaving one side open.
  5. Move your bedspread right side out. You will mostly end up with a finished-looking bedspread having one side still open. Turn over the raw seam toward the inside and attach together before sewing the seam closed.
  6. Finally, finish your bedspread by sewing 3 to 4 equally spaced seams down the whole length of the spread. This will connect the two sides of the bedspread together and prevent them from slipping. Now, you can use your new king size bedspread.
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