How To Make A Folding Table From Wall: Easy Step By Step Procedure Of Making A Folding Table

Easy Step By Step Procedure Of Making A Folding Table From Wall

A folding wall table is regarded as the perfect solution for small as well as the crowded spaces, whether the user wants to install one of these kinds of tables as a compact eating surface or to install one in the garage as a flat working space. The easy step by step procedure of making a folding wall table is shown below:
  1. Before starting the job of building the folding wall table, it is important to choose where to install it. Whether the one in the spare room, to use as a writing desk, Or in the living room, that can be used to eat while watching TV. So, select a spot where the folding table will be useful but also make sure that it is out of the way, even when in use.
  2. Measure as well as mark a section of the 3/4 inch plywood to about 42-inches wide as well as 30-inches deep. This size of the plywood will help to provide a large area to work or simply eat on, but it will not take up a lot of wall space. Take a table or the circular saw to cut the plywood according to the measurement.
  3. With the standard 2x4s, cut out two legs of a height 32 to 36 inches. The height that the user choose will depend on the user's height and how tall the chair, the user wants to use with the desk. With the help of a table or circular saw to make the cuts. Then, make a support brace of the same width that the tabletop has, at 42 inches.
  4. With the help of a stud finder, locate out the studs in the wall exactly where the table will be attached. If it is possible, then position the table in a way so that both the end are going to be located on the studs. After the studs are properly marked, then mount the support brace on the wall exactly at the desired height. Take a level to make sure that it is even. Once it is level, after that screw-in the support brace in the wall with the help of 2-inch screws.
  5. From each side of the front of the tabletop, attach one of the hinges. And from the other side of the hinge, secure a table leg. Once finished, the user must have 2 table legs, one on each side, that will fold toward the wall.
  6. To get the finished look, sand the table with the help of a sander. Then, after that attach a quarter-round molding on all around the tabletop, only the user finish nails to attach it in place. Once finished, paint the table with the color of the choice.
  7. Finally, mount the last 2 hinges on the bottom side of the tabletop. Once the hinges are attached after that attach the other side of the hinge that will support brace at the top. When not using the folding table, fold it with the wall by folding the legs that are underneath and also letting it sit flat with the wall. When the user wants to use the table, simply lift up the tabletop, as well as let the legs extend to the floor.
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