How To Lubricate Garage Door Opener Chain: Easy Step By Step Guide Of Lubricating

Easy Step by Step Guide Of Lubricating The Garage Door Opener Chain

Without the proper lubrication, a chain-driven garage door quickly wears out. Lubricating a chain-driven garage door will help to maintain it and also prevents premature wear and extends its life. The best and easy step by step way for lubricating garage door opener chain is shown below:
  1. Close The Garage Door: Completely close down the door and then engage the door's safety lock, use the garage door manufacturer's instructions for safety lock. Most of the time the safety lock uses a flat bar that is slid into one of the slots on the door's roller tracks. Also, unplug the garage door opener's electrical plug from its electrical socket.
  2. Chain Guard: The next step is to remove the garage door opener's chain guard. Often a garage door opener has a plastic chain guard that is snapped into place right against the door opener's motor.
  3. Clean The Old Grease: From the garage door opener's chain gear as well as from chain guard clean the old grease using a rag. The chain gear, that is under the opener's chain guard, helps to pull in the chain back and forth direction across the chain's track. Replace this chain guard.
  4. Clean The Chain's Track: With a rag clean the chain track to remove all the contaminants from the track's surface. This chain's track runs in between the top of the garage door garage and the door opener's motor. Most of the chain-driven garage door openers use a T or a U-shaped track.
  5. Wipe The Debris: From the horizontal portion of each garage door roller wipe down the debris from the track using a rag. A closed garage door will expose the roller track's in the horizontal portion, this is the portion of the roller track exactly near the garage's ceiling.
  6. All-purpose Grease: After the above step is done now apply a thin layer of the all-purpose grease all across the top of the chain's track, with a clean rag. It is advisable to not leave clumps of grease on the track as this will create problem.
  7. Recesses Of The Garage Door Opener's Chain: In the recesses of the garage door opener's chain press the grease with the help of a clean rag this will help to force the grease into the chain's links. Start from the top of the door toward the opener's motor. The residual grease that is in between the chain's links will help to lubricate the door opener's chain gear.
  8. Apply A Drop Of Motor Oil: On each of the garage door roller bearing apply a drop of motor oil. The oil works in each of the roller bearing, that is in the center of each of the garage door roller.
  9. Plug In And Release Lock: Plug in the garage door power cord and also release the garage door's safety lock and then open the garage door.
  10. Wipe The Debris: From each of the roller track's vertical section wipe the debris, using a rag.
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