How To Level A Sliding Glass Door: Ultimate & Easy Step By Step Way

Ultimate & Easy Step By Step Way Of Leveling A Sliding Glass Door

With the span of time, the sliding glass doors can start to stick, or become difficult to slide. This usually happens when the dirt accumulates under the rollers or on the grooved tracks on which they sit. The best and the easy step by step way for adjusting or leveling sliding glass is as follows:
  1. Remove The Door From The Track: First of all, look for the roller adjustment screws and then use a screwdriver to turn the screws in the counterclockwise direction. This will help to retract the rollers and will make the door flush with the track. Then, at the top of the frame remove the doorstop, which is as simple as unscrewing it. Once these 2 steps are done, now the door can be carefully removed from the track.
  2. Check The Rollers: For the easy access to the rollers that are on the bottom, keep the door on a pair of sawhorses. With the help of a screwdriver gently pull the rollers out. If the rollers appear to be damaged, then maybe the problem at that time will have to be replaced. If in case they are simply dirty, that time scrape any dirt off, then clean them with the denatured alcohol simply by rubbing. They can also be re-oiled using silicone spray, which will help to repel dirt.
  3. Reinstall The Clean Rollers: In this step align each of the adjustment screws with the access hole and then tap them into the place with the help of a hammer and a wood block to prevent any kind of damage to the wheels. Once they are properly in place, then try to retract the rollers as far as possible.
  4. Clean The Tracks: Same as with the rollers, wipe down the top track using the alcohol and spray with silicone. Vacuum any loose debris from all the bottom track, and then clean with the alcohol. However, also lubricate the bottom track simply by rubbing with a block of paraffin wax for a few times instead of silicon and this is due to the fact that the paraffin is much more substantial and will also hold up to the wear and tear.
  5. Reinstall The Door: For reinstalling the glass door align it right in the bottom track and then carefully tilt it up. First of all, reattach the head stop otherwise it will fall out. Roll out the door towards the latch-side jamb, and then turn the screws of adjustment until the door is properly parallel with the jamb.
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