How To Keep Sectional Sofa Together: Steps To Keep Sectional Couch Together

What Are The Steps To Keep Sectional Couch Together?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily Keep Sectional Sofa/Couch Together:
  1. Count The Joints: Firstly the customers need to calculate all the joints in the sectional sofa as they will need a set of hardware bracket for every single joint.
  2. Turn The Sofa Over: The Customers then need to make each piece of the sectional sofa upside down and then grasp both the sides of the bracket in the hardware frame under the couch in order to check the fitting of the dual parts from the bracket.
  3. Mark And Drill: The customers then need to put the pencil and place it inside each screw gap in order to trace all the screw area on the sofa frame. The customers then need to use an electric drill and make a hole on each of the sketched locations on the sofa frame.
  4. Attach Hardware: The Customers then have to affix hardware to the sofa frame by installing a screw within the drilled hole of bracket and they need to tighten it by using an electric dill and the customers then need to repeat the same process while placing the other hardware brackets.
  5. Secure The Brackets: The Customers then need to affix both the edges of companion parts for the kind of fitting they have brought.
  6. Gate Hook And Eyes: The customers need to install hook and eyes at the back, front and the middle side of the sofa in order to restrict the movement of the sectional sofa pieces.
  7. Slide-Bolt Latches: The customers can also use the Slide-Bolt Latches at the bottom side of the sofa that lets the sectional pieces to get attached to one another.
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