How To Keep Plastic Tablecloth In Place: Four Easy Ways Of Holding Plastic Tablecloth In Place

Four Easy Ways Of Holding Plastic Tablecloth In Place

Placing a tablecloth on the table is not a difficult part but then holding it in the same place for a longer period of time can be difficult, especially in case if the cloth and the tabletop, are slippery enough for holding the slides off on its own. There are few options that can be used for holding the plastic or another tablecloth in their place, but the best and easy options are mentioned below:

Way 1: Felt

In the case of small tables like the end table or the cafe table, the round one, a piece of the felt cut according to the tabletop size helps to keep the cloth in its place. Felt helps a lot in providing a bit of the grip for the tablecloth bottom and also performs as a thin cushion for the surface of the table. If the user is worried about the felt being slipping off, that time, the user needs to simply tie a thread around it and must be attached underneath the table. After the cloth is placed on top of it, no one can see the thread. This way will also work on the large tables, but finding out the felt of the same size may be difficult.

Way 2: Table Pads And Rubber Liners

A table pad, that is used for the protection of the wooden dining tables, can also be used for holding the plastic tablecloth in their spot. The surface of the pad is not as slippery as the tabletop, so the cloth will stay in its place where the user has placed it. The rubber shelf liners, that are designed for providing the cushioning as well as the grip on a shelf or in the drawer, is the other option that is used to provide a good grip for a tablecloth which is slippery. Simply unroll a sheet of shelf liners to the required length of the table but try to keep the whole surface underneath the cloth, or use a smaller piece on the multiple areas of the tabletop. The liners will also help in protecting the tabletop from cold or hot dishes that are placed on it.

Way 3: Use Heavy Tablecloth Weights

Another best idea is to secure table cloth with the weights on the cloth’s corners to keep it in its spot. There are a number of options available, but most of the options are good options in strong winds as well as in storms. The user can use the table weights like the white cast, they are very attractive, beautiful as well as has the vintage look.

Way 4: Use Duct Tape

Another popular and the best option is to use duct tape from all around the table. Although this is not the most effective option and not the prettiest one, but still it will hold the plastic cloth in the spot in case of the light winds.
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