How To Keep Hardwood Floors Dust Free: Easy Steps

General Overview

Hardwood flooring includes huge investment and looks extremely alluring if maintained and cleaned properly. The proper maintenance and cleaning of the hardwood floor keep it protected from the dust, pebbles, etc that will result in scratching the floor. The hardwood flooring dirt and dust can also affect the polyurethane coating that will cause the scuff marks on the floor. So to keep the hardwood flooring new all the time it needs quick cleaning at least twice a week.

Easy Steps To Dust Away The Hardwood Floor

1.Vacuum: Regular vacuuming of the hardwood flooring is recommended. The vacuuming must be done every three days in a week.
2.Sweeping: In case the vacuum is not available then regular sweeping is recommended.
3.Bona Cleaners: Use bona cleaners and mob once in a week to keep the floor free from the dust.
4.Mats: Make sure to keep mats placed inside and outside the doors so that dust will not enter the floor.
5.Area Rugs: Placement of the area rugs in high traffic areas are highly recommended to keep the dust away.
6.Furniture Pads: Apply pads to the feet of the furniture to keep the furniture to protect the hardwood against dents and scratches.
7.Vinegar Solution: For deep cleaning mix a cup of the white vinegar into the bucket of the warm water and mop the floor with the same. This can be part of occasional cleaning.
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