How To Keep Cat Out Of Bassinet: Two Easy Ways Of Keeping The Cat Away From Bassinet

Two Easy Ways Of Keeping The Cat Away From Bassinet

Usually, the cats are having the curious nature so it won't be so surprising if the cat wants to check the bassinet. The users are advised to train their cats about staying away from the bassinet before their child is born. If the users place their bassinet a month before their baby will be born, it can help them to make their cat adjustable with it. By this, the users will also get the chance to easily train their cat and soon the cats will get to know that the bassinet is meant for babies only. Here are some of the easy ways by which the users can keep their cat out of bassinet:

Way I: Train The Cats

  • Set Up The Bassinet: Start by training the cats right away and it will be good if the cats will get used to bassinet before the baby arrives. The users are advised to set their bassinet before one month of their baby arrival and then start to train their cats quickly. In this manner, the cats will be fully trained and will not jump over the bassinet when their baby will start using it. The users are advised not to make the bassinet comfortable otherwise their cat will try to take a nap within it.
  • Saying No: Start saying no and then remove the cat from the bassinet. If in case the users find their cat jumping within the bassinet then they need to softly say no to them and then remove the cat from the bassinet. They need to lay the cat down to its position where it needs to be and they need to be sure that they won't yell on the cat. After removing the cat from the bassinet they are advised not to punish their cat and allow the cat to freely go to its comfortable place.
  • Constantly Handle Cat: The users need to be very consistent if in case their cat returns back to the bassinet or later they find their cat in the bassinet, then they need to say no once again and then remove the cat from the bassinet. The users require removing cats every time they find their cat in the bassinet. They are advised to not allow their cat to rest within the bassinet as the cat won't then be able to differentiate when actually the bassinet is off-limits.
  • Offer The Treats: After that, the users need to reward their cats when they rest in its actual places. When so ever they will find out their cat resting in another place then they need to set the treat near to them and by this, the users will help the cat is having the proper sleep in the proper area with the best things.

Way II: Create The Non-Cat Friendly Situation

  • Make The Trap: Start by making the noise trap within the bassinet. The users need to place the noisy item at the bassinet base and this will help in startle the cat whenever the cat comes close to it or try to jump over it and this noise will scare the cat easily. These kinds of traps are ideal to be used when so ever the users are not at home or they won't be able to monitor their cat. The users need to be assured that they will not place this trap within the bassinet when their baby is within it. The users can make the best noise trap from the aluminum foil and the users need to trim off the long aluminum sheet that will easily cover up the bassinet area and then position it on the mattress accordingly.
  • Place The Tape: The users can also place the tape within the bassinet. If in case the users do not feel comfortable upon hearing this noise, then they can easily place the tap within the bassinet. Before the baby arrives, they need to place the tape strips within the bassinet mattress where the cat lands. Most of the cats are not comfortable with having the feeling of something sticks beneath their paws and in this way their cat won't come over again on the bassinet. If required the users can also place the tape strips on the rails of the crib if in case they find their cat is jumping on it.
  • Move The Furniture: The users need to place the furnishing items far from the bassinet as most of the cats use the chairs, table, or the bookshelves to jump on the bassinet. In this manner, the users require to move the furnishing items in order to avoid the risk and specifically if the bassinet is having the side rails.
  • Use The Monitors: One of the easy ways to prevent the cat from jumping on the bassinet is by closing the baby room door. If in case the users are worried that they won't hear their baby then they need to set the monitors or they can easily install the screen door in their baby room.
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