How To Install Zigzag Springs In A Sofa: 7 Easy Steps To Install Zigzag Springs

7 Easy Steps To Install Zigzag Springs In A Chair/Sofa

If your favorite reclining chair has a broken zigzag spring in it and you want to replace it without wasting your time then this article is for you but remember replacing a zigzag spring in a reclining chair is a bit divergent than replacing a single coil spring in reclining chair, but with a few tools & a little experience, you can easily perform this task without wasting your precious time. Here are all the useful items and 7 easy and quick steps to install zig-zag springs in your reclining chair, simply read & follow each step:

Items Needed

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • New Zigzag Spring
  • Furniture Twine
  • High Density Foam
  • Batting
  • Staple Gun
  • Furniture Backing Fabric


Here are the 7 easy & quick steps to install zig-zag springs in your reclining chair:
  1. Flip Your Chair: First you need to flip your reclining chair over & remove the furniture backing fabric by prying process of the staples off the back of your reclining chair frame with the help of a screwdriver. This will give you a marvelous idea if you will need to remove the arms of your reclining chair to get to the zig-zag spring.
  2. Pry The Staples: Now, you have to pry the staples off the upholstery fabric of your reclining chair & remove the fabric & padding. Perform this step carefully so you don't rip it because you will have to use this fabric again when you finish attaching the zig-zag springs.
  3. Untie: You can easily untie the broken spring of your reclining chair. You can also make a note of your zig-zag spring configuration and where it is tied before. You may also need to make a drawing before diving in.
  4. Find A New One: Now, you need to take your zig-zag spring which you can buy from any hardware store and also from online shopping stores.
  5. Re-tie: Next, Re-tie zig-zag spring and set the zigzag ends in the wood frame of your reclining chair, also test for structural integrity.
  6. Place: Once done, place foam and batting in the center of the upholstery fabric of your chair and center that on the seat. Make sure to cut the new foam in the duplicate configuration as the foam you are replacing.
  7. Staple: Your final step is to staple the upholstery fabric to your reclining chair frame. Start with one staple on each side & work around the chair frame. The goal is to eradicate puckers in the upholstery fabric. When you finish this work now replace the bottom black backing.
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