How To Install Wire Shelving: Step By Step Process Of Installing Wire Shelving

Step By Step Process Of Installing Wire Shelving

The wire shelving is usually crafted in different styles and thus the users can custom install it in any space of their choice and requirement. Usually, this kind of wire shelving is mainly used in the closets, pantries of the kitchen, office storage, and in the utility rooms of the house as well. The installation steps will vary as the package that is purchased but eventually, all the products follow the same installation process, and the few simple tools like the hammer, drill, measuring tape, level are required to install the wire shelving. The users can easily install the wire shelving at home by following the below-defined steps:
  • Place The Level: Start by placing the level adjacent to the wall as per the height that the users want to install down their wire shelf. They need to turn the level until they won't find out that the air bubble present in the level lies at the same level between the lines. Then they need to use this level as the guide to mark down the pencil mark on the wall surface.
  • Install The Clips: The users then need to install the clips that will eventually support the shelving back on the pencil line that they marked on the wall surface. Then they need to drill down the 2 holes by using the one by four inch-sized bit, each hole should be two inches away from where they actually want to end their shelf. The users can also hold up their shelf adjacent to the surface of the wall if they need to mark down the point that is the beginning and the ending of the shelf. Once the users drilled down the two holes they need to drill down some more holes as well on that line where the users are planning to install their shelf. They need to make sure that the drilled holes need to be near about twelve inches apart.
  • Push The Clips: Then the users need to push their clips within the holes that they have drilled. The sleeve that is sticking outwards from the clip back will easily fit within the hole that is pre-drilled. Then they need to insert the pins that come along with the wire shelving within the holes at the clip front. Then they need to push the pins completely into the drilled hole and for this, the users may require to use the screwdriver or the nail set and by this, the users can easily lock the pins into its place. In the case of the hole that is over the stud, the users need to use a knife so as to detach the sleeve that is sticking outwards within the clip back. Then they need to adjust the clip hole on the pre-drilled hole and then use the screw so as to fasten it.
  • Install The Brackets: The users then need to install the brackets at the side of the wall where the shelf will end adjacent to the wall. Then they need to place the shelf within the clips at the wall back and then drift the shelf front within the bracket. Then position the level at the shelf top and then line up height until users won't find that the shelf is in the level. They need to mark down that area where the 2 holes of the bracket are placed. Then detach the shelf so as to make the proper holes in that marked areas. The users need to install the bracket in the same way as they installed the clips and then put back the shelf in its place.
  • Affix The Support Bracket: Then the users need to affix the support brackets at the point where the shelf is ended. They need to fasten the cogged support end at the rod top of the shelf front. Then they need to position the other support bracket end adjacent to the wall beneath the shelf. Then line up the support height until the users won't find that their shelf is in the level and the mark within the hole at the bracket base. Then drill down the hole exactly at the marked area and then insert the wall anchor within that hole. Then insert the pushpin so as to secure it in the exact place.
  • Affix The Corner Brackets: Then, at last, the users need to affix the corner brackets at the point where the shelves will be adjacent to the shelving perpendicular piece.
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