How To Install Wall Cabinets Without Studs: Step By Step Procedure & Materials Required

Step By Step Procedure & Materials Required To Install Wall Cabinets Without Studs

Usually, the builders install the wood backing at the back of the drywall for anchoring the cabinets. Most of the builders try to avoid this step and instead of this they choose using the studs. It takes a lot of time to determine the studs. Usually, most of the cabinets are crafted with the vertical 1/4 stretchers that are at the topmost side with the back of the hardboard. The users need to fasten the hardboard and the stretcher with the wall studs and their cabinet will eventually remain strong for a longer period of time. The user can easily install the wall cabinets without studs at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Drill/Driver, Wedges, Drill Bit, 3/16-Inch
  • Scrap Plywood, Stud Finder, Screws, 3-Inch
  • Drill Bit, 5/32-Inch, Pine, Level
  • Clamp, Screws, And Miter Saw


  • Place The Plywood: Start by placing the plywood over the base cabinet top. The plywood should be big so as to cover up the whole cabinet top. After that, trim down the 2 one by half-inch sized pine by using the miter saw. If in case the users are not using the base cabinets then they need to trim the prop at the fifty-four inches. Then they need to stand those trimmed pieces over the plywood adjacent to the surface of the wall.
  • Make The Cabinets To Stand: Then the users need to make the cabinets to stand over the prop and to do so they need the help of some other person by which the users can hold that in the right place adjacent to the surface of the wall.
  • Drive The Screws: The users then need to drive the three-inch screws within the vertical stretcher and then drive another screw within the cabinet back accordingly.
  • Secure The Cabinet: Finally the users need to pull outwards all the props and then use the props so as to position it beneath the other cabinet on each of the sides and it will easily depend on the outline of the plan. Then they need to flush another frame face of the cabinet with the basic cabinet. Then position the clamp in between them so as to fasten it. Then they need to drill down the 4 holes within the frame face by using the three by six-inch bit. The users can also drill the extra pilot holes within the basic holes by using the five by thirty-two inch bit. Then position the screws of the ideal length within the holes and then drive the screws tightly so as to fasten the cabinets with one another. The users need to repeat the second and the third step for the extra cabinets.
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