How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Around Bathtub: Easy Steps For Installation

Easy Steps For Installation Of The Vinyl Plank Flooring Around Bathtub

The biggest benefit of vinyl plank flooring is that it is 100% water-resistant. This means that any kind of spills like surface water won’t affect the flooring at all. This is the reason it is the ideal flooring solution for spaces such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and cafes as well. Vinyl plank flooring is very much durable that comes with commercial-grade wear layers which means it can withstand heavy traffic. The steps for installation of vinyl plank flooring around bathtub are mentioned below:
  1. Clean The Floor: Before starting the process, clean the floor properly, give the floor a good vacuuming first, in case of the grease wipe down the area with an ammonia solution to get rid of grease.
  2. Make A Template: Measure the width of the bathroom and then cut the paper a little longer than the measurement. Lay down the first sheet of the plank on the floor and secure it in place with the masking tape. After that carefully trim the paper with the help of a sharp utility knife so that it matches the contours of the bathtub and the commode. Then the user needs to add another sheet and tape it down to the first & then continue the trimming process. Once the template is fully complete then carefully remove it from the floor. For making the template use the 15-pound roofing felt as it’s sturdy enough to hold its shape, but is also pliable enough to work.
  3. Cut The Vinyl: Roll out the vinyl on a plan floor and tape the template to the vinyl. Here it's important to pay attention to the pattern, if the pattern has squares, then make sure the pattern aligns parallel with a wall. After that cut the vinyl using a sharp utility knife. The vinyl should be cut down a little wider than the template. The reason for that is it’s easy to trim, but can’t put it back if cut short. Make a cut behind the toilet and bathtub to allow placement.
  4. Install The Vinyl: Once Vinyl Plank Flooring is in place, then roll half of it back and apply vinyl adhesive on the floor. It is important to make sure to apply an even coat of glue there should be no glops. Then gently roll the sheet onto the glue, smoothing it with the hands as it lies down. To smooth the surface, you need to use a J-roller. Next, lift up the remaining half of the Vinyl Plank flooring trowel on adhesive, and continue the same process to smooth and roll.
  5. Trim Edges: Atlast use the sharp utility knife and metal straightedge to trim the floor where the flooring meets straight wall runs. Smooth the edges and the user will need to free-hand it around the bathtub and commode.
  6. Caulk: Apply caulk around all edges as well as around the commode and bathtub.
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