How To Install Underlayment For Laminate: Easy Way To Install

The laminate flooring, comes under the category of synthetic flooring, that looks great and has a long life. Laminate flooring is very much affordable and the users can also install the protective layer called underlayment to laminate flooring. The Underlayment sheet helps to protect the laminate floor from moisture and from imperfections.

Easy Way To Install Underlayment

Here are some easy and quickest ways to install the underlayment on the laminate floor. Follow the given steps carefully for the best results:
  1. Clean: First Step is to Clean the area in order to start installing the underlayment for laminate.
  2. Unroll: Then the Underlayment roll needs to be unrolled for laminate.
  3. Run: Now run the sheet of underlayment from one wall to another side of wall up to 4".
  4. Cover: Adhesive tape will help to cover the corners and the spaces of the floor. Start covering the full floor with adhesive tape.
  5. Remove: If there is any extra underlayment on corners then cut it with a razor knife first.
  6. Cut Board: Cut down the wood board into pieces. Cut the groove and tongue side of the wood board. Cutting both sides of the wood board will give a perfect corner of the board for perfect fitting.
  7. Spacers: On the opening side of door measure the space then fit the board under it.
  8. Leave: Leave the underlayment and the wood board pieces for maximum 1 day and put something heavy on the corners of board pieces.
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