How To Install Sofa Legs: Best Ways To Install

Best Way To Install Sofa Legs

The missing sofa leg or the one which falls regularly will make the sofa loop sided. All the sofa legs are not attached or installed in the same way as there are different types of legs attached in a different way. However, the user can install a leg to the sofa, regardless of the way in which it was originally installed. There are a number of ways to attach the sofa legs and some of the ways are mentioned below:

Install Leg To T-Nut Or Top Plate

  1. Turn: The first step is to flip the upside-down sofa to check the bottom of the sofa frame and look at how the legs are attached.
  2. Top Plate Or T-nut: If in case the top plate or T-nut is installed on the wooden frame of sofa then simply screw the leg to the bottom. In case the Top Plate Or T-nut is missing then the user needs to replace that.

Install The Leg With Wood Screws

  1. Screw Holes: The first easy step is to line up the screw holes of the sofa leg with the screw holes in sofa's frame.
  2. Wood Screws: In order to hold the leg in place simply pass the original wooden screw through the leg, then with the help of the screwdriver tight the screws to the sofa frame.
  3. Replace: If in any case the original screw holes are stripped that time use the slightly longer and thicker screw so that leg is installed to the frame tightly.
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