How To Install Plywood Subfloor Over Joists: Easy Steps For Installation

General Overview

It is very important to know that laying subfloor must be done perfectly because it makes the base offer the finished floor. Moreover, Perfect installation of the plywood subfloor is very necessary for the stability so that the floor will be protected from things like creaking and moving. The installation of the plywood subfloor on the joists requires very keen steps to follow in order to achieve the desired results.

Easy Steps To Install Plywood Subfloor Over Joists

Simple steps for installation of the plywood subfloor over the joists are mentioned below:
  1. Alignment: Before installation of the plywood subfloor over the joists check if all joists are properly aligned or not.
  2. Laying: The pieces must be laid in a way that long side of the plywood should extend throughout the joists.
  3. Apply Adhesive: Another step is to apply the construction adhesive known as caulk tube over the joists. The adhesive must be applied as per instructions on the table.
  4. First Piece: The installation of the first plywood piece must be laid in the way the grooves should be directed to the center of the house and tongue should be directed towards the outside of the house.
  5. Nail: The nails must be inserted the outside rim joists follow up by positioning the loose joists 16 on the middle under the plywood. Once done insert the nail about an inch away from the edges of the joists that are aligned.
  6. Nailing Down: Once the position of the joists is properly aligned make sure to nail the joists after every 8- 6 inches.
  7. Second Row: Use half piece of the plywood initially to start the second-row installation.
  8. Full Piece: The complete 8-foot plywood piece must be installed over the joists placing the edge over the third joists 48? mark.
  9. Continue: Continue installation of the full piece plywood to cover the entire joists as per the accurate measurement.
  10. Stairways And Openings: While installation make sure to mark openings in order to cut them once the installation is finished. Avoid walking on the stairways.
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