How To Install Plywood Subfloor In Bathroom: Easy Steps To Install Subfloor

The layer of the floor under the flooring is known as subflooring. The plywood subflooring provides the best support for the flooring. The lifespan of plywood subflooring is up to 20-30 years if taken good care of. The subflooring can easily get damaged by moving the heavy things on it. So cover the heavy appliances with safety pas while moving them.

Easy Steps To Install Plywood

Here are some of the easy and simplest steps in order to install the plywood subflooring in the bathroom. Just follow the given steps carefully to achieve the best results.
  1. Determine The Size: The first step to install the plywood subfloor is to determine the actual size of the bathroom floor. Use a measuring tape to make the work easier.
  2. Place The Sheet: Now keep plywood on the sawhorses. The sawhorses will stable work area to the users for cutting the plywood sheet.
  3. Pencil Mark: Make a framing square with the help of pencil mark and extend the line to the length or width of the sheet of plywood subflooring.
  4. Cut: Now cut the plywood subflooring according to the size measured. Use jigsaw tool for cutting the outline circle of the plywood subflooring sheets.
  5. Gun: Place the subflooring on the floor perfectly, Use the screw gun to fix the wood screws on the bathroom floor.
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