How To Install Linoleum Flooring: Easy Steps To Install

How To Install Linoleum Flooring

The users can easily install the Linoleum Flooring by following the below-mentioned steps:

Prepare The Floor

  1. Gather All The Materials And Tools: The users need to start by gathering all the tools and the materials that they require while performing this procedure like Birch plywood, Linoleum, wood glue, Pneumatic stapler, blade knife, edge ruler, 100 lb. roller and the sealer as well.
  2. Wear The Gloves, Mask, And Googles: The next step that the users have to follow is to wear the rubber gloves, mask, and the eye goggles to protect themselves from the dust and the debris particles
  3. Remove The Items And Detach The Baseboards: After that, they have to remove all the furnishing items, carpets, and rugs from the floor. Then they have to detach the baseboards from the walls by using the pry bar and after that, they need to detach the baseboard nails by using the pliers accordingly.
  4. Lay The Plywood: Then they have to lay the plywood on the floor and use it as the underlayment and they have to pin the staples in every 8 inches on the plywood.
  5. Calculate The Size Dimensions: Then they have to measure the exact size dimensions of the Flooring and then they have to use the circular saw to create the perpendicular cuts in the exact direction of the Linoleum Flooring.

Install The Linoleum Flooring

  1. Let The Linoleum Flooring To Be In The Room: Before installing the Linoleum Floorings the users are advised to place the Linoleum Flooring in the room where they are going to install that for near about 2 days so that the Linoleum Flooring will get adjusted to the environment of the room
  2. Install The Linoleum Flooring: After that, they have to lay the longest piece of the Linoleum Flooring to the opposite side of the wall and affix it by using the adhesive to the backside of the linoleum flooring. Then they have to install the remaining Linoleum Flooring accordingly.
  3. Use The Roller And Apply The Sealant: Then they have to use the roller and move it over the entire surface to remove all the air bubbles from the floor. Then they have to seal the linoleum flooring by using the sealant and they have to apply it by using the brush. Then they need to allow the floor to dry completely for near about 1 day.
  4. Re-attach The Baseboards: Once the floor is completely dried they have to re-attach the baseboards by using the saved screws and nails accordingly.
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