How To Install Kitchen Island To Concrete Floor: 7 Easy Steps To Install Base Cabinets

7 Easy Steps To Install Base Cabinets To Concrete Floor

The average homeowner is capable of installing kitchen island base cabinets to a concrete floor or subsurface because it does not require any extensive anchoring to the concrete floor area. If you also want to install kitchen island base cabinets then we are here to help you for this process. Simply follow the given steps to finish your work. Here are the 7 easy steps for this project:
  1. Mark Off: Firstly, you need to mark off your kitchen island installation area with the help of a pencil. By using a measure tape, simply plot length & width of your kitchen island cabinets on the floor.
  2. Cut: After marking by pencil, now cut two 2/4 boards to 2/3 the width of the kitchen island base cabinet by using a table saw. For occurrence, if you have 36 inches wide cabinets then cut them in 2 feet long.
  3. Place Boards: Next, simply place one of your board of 3/4 inch inside the mark you've made from pencil before. Now you have to make another mark here by using a pencil & make an X through because here the kitchen island cabinet anchor will go. The 3/4 inch is only to allow for the width of the cabinet's side walls, which will be placed on the outside edge of the anchor. If the end of the cabinet installation is opposed to the wall then 2/4 board is not required.
  4. Drill: Now, drill 3 pilot holes into the board & then set it back in place along the line with the marked X. Square the board by using a T-Square and then by using a power drill & 1/16-inch bit and drill 3 pilot holes in the concrete floor about 2 inches deep.
  5. Screw: Screw the anchor board to the concrete floor with the help of 4-inch concrete anchoring screws.
  6. Install: Once you've done, now install base cabinets but make sure to install only one at a time. Your final base cabinet needs to be installed over the anchor with the side wall touching the anchor board. Attach this cabinet to the anchor board by using two 2-inch wood screws.
  7. Level: Finally, square & level the leftover cabinets by using wood shims and a carpenter's level.
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