How To Install Kitchen Base Cabinets: 7 Easy Steps To Install

7 Easy Steps To Install Kitchen Base Cabinets

To install the kitchen base cabinets the users can follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Gather All Tools And Materials: The users need to collect all the necessary materials and tools like tape measure, level, wood shims, pencil, string line, various sized hole saw bit, screwdrivers, wood screws, jigsaw, hammer, power drill, nail set, and finish nails.
  2. Check The Layout: Next the users need to check the layout of the base cabinet where it is to be installed. The users need to inspect the operation of doors and other accessories. Square and level corners are used for the straight installation of the cabinets.
  3. Install Spacers: Then the users need to install the spacers along the edges of the cabinets and the adjustable clamps can be used to place the spacers tightly. The users drill the holes in the cabinet face side and the space strip side and connect the wood frame with the help of screws and tighten the screws properly.
  4. Install The Corner Cabinets First: After attaching the spacers the users need to install the corners of the cabinets. Spacers are aligned at an angle of 90 degrees with the help of framing square. Then users need to check the level of the cabinets, drill the holes and insert the wood screws into the holes. For leveling the cabinets the users can use the wood shims.
  5. Install The Remaining Base Cabinets: Now the user can install the remaining base cabinet by repeating the same procedure. Cabinet faces are connected with the help of clamps and for aligning the cabinet’s front portion the users can use the straightedge. Then holes are drilled and the cabinet is secured with the help of wood screws. If required the users can use the wood shims for leveling the cabinets and install the succeeding cabinets.
  6. Install The End Panel: The installation of the end panel is very important as it supports the countertop or the sides of the under-counter. The users can locate the position for the installation of the end panel and then fix a wood cleat with the wall. Install the end panel and use screws to attach the end panel with the wood cleat. Drill holes in the end panel and use L-bracket with screws to secure the end panel.
  7. The Finishing Touches: After the installation of the cabinet frame the users can attach the drawers, handles, etc at their proper locations. Then users need to check the height of the doors and attach the doors with the cabinets properly.
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