How To Install Foam Weather Stripping Around A Door: Step By Step Process Of Installing Foam Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is a sealing process that can be used to prevent rain as well as water to make its way into the house entirely or partly. In addition to this, proper air is necessary to save energy on heating and air conditioning. In order to keep your house warm during the cold season & cool during the hot season, it is important to have proper insulation. So, keep this thing in mind while sealing the door & one of the best ways to seal the door is to apply adhesive weather stripping around the door. Some of the items that you require while performing this task include dish detergent, clean rags, petroleum jelly & scissors.

Step By Step Process Of Installing Foam Weather Stripping Around A Door

In order to install foam weather stripping around the door, to prevent any rain or water enter the house and damage all the necessary items including furniture, go through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully:
  1. Peel Away Any Old Weather Stripping: Before installing weather stripping around the door, make sure to remove the old one first. If in case the old weatherstripping is adhesive, then you need to get rid of it using your hands & if in case it is fastened in the frame, then you need to use the drill or screwdriver in order to take it from the screws before removing the stripping. But remember to keep the screws that you remove aside in order to use them later while applying new weather stripping.
  2. Wipe Off Any Sticky Residue With An Adhesive Remover: If in case the glue that remains on the door while removing the old weatherstripping, doesn't strip off easily, then you need to take the help of adhesive remover, which you need to put on the cloth & then rub the area. Make it dry completely with a clean cloth before moving forward. If remover was not effective in removing the residue, then you can use the sandpaper(120 & 220 grit) to perform the job.
  3. Clean The Door With Soap And Water: Now, start cleaning the area where you will install the new stripping as cleaning helps the stripping to stick to the door perfectly. Using a clean cloth, soap, and warm water, cleanse the whole frame of the door. Then dry the frame using another cloth.
  4. Measure The Top And Side Of Your Door: The next step is to grip the one end of the tape measure against the frame's inside edge towards the other side of the inside edge, in order to calculate the length of both the top as well as the base of the stripping. For measuring the sides, position the end of the tape measure on the inside edge of the top of the frame and drag the tape down to the floor. In order to be absolutely sure about the taken measurement, you need to measure it twice.
  5. Select The Type Of Adhesive Weatherstripping: There are three most common types of weather stripping like foam, V strip, and rubber or vinyl. Foam is the most popular type as it is very easy to get installed on the frame of the door. Before selecting any type of stripping, you need to first take into consideration the specifics of your door.
  6. Cut The Pieces Of Weatherstripping To The Correct Length: Now, you need to mark the measured length of the stripping using a pencil & then cut according to the mark with the help of utility knife or scissors. For weatherstripping a door, you will need a total of 3 strips, 1 for top & 1 for both the sides, the base of the door will require door sweep.
  7. Line One Piece Of Stripping Along The Side Of The Door: Start by positioning the end of the weatherstripping at the top corner of the jamb. Then, organize the rest of the piece in a way that it lies flush against the door frame. In order to make the adhesive stick perfectly, you need to make sure to install it when the outside temperature is around 50 °F (10 °C).
  8. Strip Off The Backing And Press The Stripping Firmly Into Place: Once the stripping is done & installed where you want it to be installed, strip off the paper backing from the piece. Move your hands along the piece and put in a lot of pressure to secure the sticky side of the stripping to the door.
  9. Repeat On The Other Side And Top Of The Frame: Install the rest of the pieces around the door by peeling off the backing and propelling the adhesive in opposition to the jamb. Assemble each piece in the corners in order to make sure that there are no gaps between the pieces of stripping.
  10. Test The Door: After applying the stripping, finally, you need to examine the door and make sure it opens as well as closes properly. The door will not get stuck while opening and should be tight while closing the door. At first, you need to pull or push the door more firmly, due to the fact that the new stripping is installed which takes little time to get adjusted. If in case you find difficulty in the opening as well as closing the door, then adjust the weatherstripping accordingly.
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