How To Install Floating Shelves Without Drilling: Step By Step Installation Procedure

Step By Step Installation Procedure Of Floating Shelves Without Drilling

Installing the floating shelves without drilling is not a big task, but it is important to note that the shelves without the nails can not hold heavyweight as compared to floating shelves secured with the help of nails. However, the step by step procedure of installing the floating shelves without drilling is as follows:
  • The first step is to get a shelf that is made from a light and hollow material. This is because, fasteners like the nails are important to hang up extremely heavy shelves that are made from the dense, solid materials like the steel or oak. However, the user can use the adhesive fasteners to hang up the light, hollow shelves that are made from things like balsa wood. It is advisable to hang shelves that weigh 3 lb or less.
  • In the second step the user needs to purchase adhesive mounting strips. To hang up the shelf, get a strong adhesive mounting strip that is designed for the pictures or for other large objects. Before purchasing a set of the strips, it is important to check their weight-bearing capacity to make sure that they can support the shelf as well as any objects that users want to place on it.
  • Clean the shelf as well as the wall with the help of isopropyl alcohol. Take a fresh cleaning cloth and dampen with isopropyl alcohol. After that, gently rub the cloth with the wall and also on the mounting side of the shelf. Leave the surfaces to dry for around 5 minutes before attaching the adhesive strips.
  • Stick the strips to the shelf simply by pressing the strips down for the 30 seconds. If in case they are not already attached, then press down the Velcro-style fastening sides of 2 of the mounting strips all together. After that, remove all the protective liner on one of the strips, now press down the exposed adhesive side on to the shelf’s mounting area, and also hold down the connected strips down for 30 seconds. Repeat the same process with the rest of the strips.
  • Hold the shelf with the wall for 30 seconds. Once the user has attached the adhesive strips, then remove all the remaining strip liners as well as position the shelf along the wall. Then, press the shelf with the wall for about 30 seconds to secure it in place.
  • Remove the shelf as well as press down each of the strip down for about 30 seconds. With the careful motions, pull on the edges of the shelf in order to peel it away from the wall. Each pair of the strips must separate in a way so that one side is secured to the wall as well as the other side is secured with the shelf then push down each individual adhesive strip again for about 30 seconds to make sure they bond strongly.
  • Replace the shelf after one hour. Give the adhesive strips one hour to set as well as solidify. Then, reattach the shelf simply by connecting the sets of the adhesive strips all together. Now finally, place the light, durable objects on the shelf. The shelf without the firm fasteners like nails, will not be able to hold heavy objects like textbooks or appliances.
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