How To Install Flagstone Patio With Mortar: Step By Step Guide Of Installation

Step By Step Guide Of Installation Of Flagstone Patio With Mortar

Installing the flagstone is a good way to create a patio with an attractive natural look. Although installing flagstones can be a little bit frustrating to work with due to the lack of uniformity of stones. In this method, the flagstone is installed, using a wet mortar that is applied either directly on a subbase of gravel and sand, or to an existing concrete slab. In order to install flagstone patio with the help of a mortar, go through the step by step guide mentioned below carefully:
  1. Reinforced Concrete Base: For the mortared flagstone, start the process with a reinforced concrete base that must have the proper slope for drainage.
  2. Pressure Wash The Flagstones.: A clean and neat surface will help to ensure a better bond with the mortar. If the user is working on a concrete slab, then pressure wash it very well.
  3. Lay Out Stones And Cut As Necessary: In this step the user needs to place the stones in the desired pattern keeping the best-looking side up. It is advisable to keep about the same amount of space between each stone. The stones which are too large or do not have good shape can be easily cut down with a chisel and the rock hammer. It is advisable to place the large stones near doorways and at the other heavily trafficked areas.
  4. Mix The Mortar: The mortar is actually the mix of the sand, cement, and the water. Mix the two measures of sand with one measure of the cement. After that, slowly add the water while stirring all the mixture. Continue slowly adding the water until there is consistency which is similar to cake frosting. It is a good option to mix up a small batch before mixing up a large enough batch to lay the stones.
  5. Lay The Stones: Into a bed of the mortar lay the stones. Gently one by one, lift each of the stones, and then apply mortar to the bed of sand and gravel or to the concrete slab, simply to the surface on which the user is attaching the stones to, then lay the stone over the wet mortar. If the stones are not of the uniform thickness, that time apply the additional mortar under some of the stones to get an even surface.
  6. Let It Dry: Do not do anything until the mortar is completely dry.
  7. Fill The Joints: Fill all the spaces between the flagstones with the sand, gravel, or the additional mortar, or grout.
  8. Seal The Joints: If the user used the grout or the mortar in the joints, then wait for it to completely dry and it can take as long as a couple of days and then simply cover it using a matte or the glossy sealer which is available at the hardware store. This will help to prevent water and the ice from getting into the joints and eventually damaging them. Finally, apply the sealer using a cotton swab or a disposable paintbrush.
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