How To Install Countertop Brackets: Easy Steps & Items Needed For Installing Countertop Brackets

Easy Steps & Items Needed For Installing Countertop Brackets

The countertop brackets are a great way to boost the presence of the kitchen. The brackets that poke out of your wall are consistently bland and unattractive, but the countertop brackets can comfortably be very elaborate and almost resembling genuine cast iron brackets in their embellishment. Installing your countertop brackets is supposedly one of the effortless home improvements you can do by yourself & if you have even the most basic of skills then you can also install all these items in just a few hours or less. Some people also recommend that you have your countertop brackets installed by a professional person. If you want to install countertop brackets yourself then collect all the required items and follow the steps. Here is the list of required and 4 steps to follow:

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver & Screws
  • Plastic Anchors
  • Spirit Level
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Drill

Step 1: Preparation

Before making any holes for your countertop brackets, first, you will have to mark on your wall where you want your brackets to go. There are only 2 things that you will have to take notice of. The first is your wall stud and you can locate this either by tapping along with your wall until there is a change betwixt hollow & otherwise, or you may need to use your stud finder because this is an electronic machine that can easily locate your studs for you. In inclusion, you have to be sure that you will be installing your countertop brackets on a straight line. The effortless way to do this is to mark where you want your first bracket to be & then you need to use a spirit level to work out where the correct angle is. You need to mark in pencil on your wall where your holes should go.

Step 2: Drill A Hole

Your first hole will need to be drilled straight into your wall stud. You only go a certain length into your wall, perhaps an inch or so, by using a very fine drill bit. The reason for this is that you will need to install your plastic anchors that will keep all the screws on your wall & do not allow them to slip down, and then you need to drill a hole which is marginally smaller than this anchor, so your wall holds it tightly.

Step 3: Fitting The Anchor

Once you've drilled the hole, you need to screw or hammer your anchor into position. Your anchor will be the device that is holding the bracket onto your wall, and in turn, holding your countertop to your wall, so you can now see that it needs to be a tight fit. You can purchase a range of plastic anchors in different sizes, so be sure that you have chosen the one which will best hold the screw in place.

Step 4: Fitting The Bracket

Finally, you need to take your bracket & place the screw hole over your anchor. Now you need to add a screw & then drive it into the anchor with the help of your screwdriver. Do not tight it up yet but you need to insert all of the brackets into your wall and simply then go around screwing them all in tightly. You need to check that they are straight & then simply place your countertop over them.
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