How To Install Closet Organizers: Best & Easy Way For Installation Of Wood Closet Organizers

Best & Easy Way For Installation Of Wood Closet Organizers

In order to install wood closet organizers at your place and make your place look beautiful, you can do it very easily. You simply need to follow below-mentioned step by step way and achieve your desired result:
  • Measure: The first step is to measure the closet to determine how much space is available to work with. Simply measure the height as well as depth in addition to width. Also, measure frame of the closet and how much it overhangs the space inside.
  • Look Around: In this step the user needs to have a look around at the available closet systems, so that they will get ideas and have in mind the elements that are available to them.
  • Plan: Plan the closet, by making sketches, and scale drawings, before moving to the next step.
  • Drawers Or Sliding Baskets: This depends on whether the user will be storing clothing or other small objects in the closet.
  • Shelving: The user needs to figure out how much shelving can be included. Simply measure the height of the tallest objects that will be kept in the shelves, this will also help to determine the spacing.
  • Make A List: In this step the user needs to make the list of the parts as well as of kits that will be needed according to plan. Include all hardware like screws, etc that is not in the kits. Purchase the closet parts. For the widest and the longest parts take a vehicle.
  • Studs: Here the user needs to find out the studs in the wall and at the same time mark them. It is very important that the mounting screws should go into studs and not in just the drywall.
  • Support Rails: It depends on the closet system chosen, whether there will be horizontal or vertical metal rails. In any of the case, the users are advised to make sure that the holes where the screws will go should line up with studs.
  • Level And A Tape Measure: In order to get the support rails vertical or horizontal whichever is required and should be aligned with one another, use a level and a tape measure.
  • Pencil: Mark the hole locations on the wall using a pencil. The user may be able to mark right through all the mounting holes. If the user want mark the bracket edge location.
  • Drill Pilot Holes: On the marked spots drill the pilot holes. Make all the holes of same size or a little smaller than the smaller diameter of the screw thread that will be used.
  • Support Rails: Line up all the support rails and then drive them with long screws through the brackets and right into the walls.
  • Assemble: Its time to assemble the drawers, cabinets, modular shelves, as well as any other pieces that may require assembly before they are installed. Most of the closet systems come with instructions specific to their design.
  • Closet Pieces, Shelves, Rods: Attach all the closet pieces to the support rails that were installed. Also secure the shelves, rods, etc in order to the support rails or to the walls as required.
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