How To Install Bifold Doors Without Track: Easy Procedure & Materials Required

Easy Procedure And Materials Required To Install Bifold Doors Without Track

The bifold doors usually consist of the 2 hinged door sets and each door is having the rollers that tours within the opening top. When the users will bind and unbind the doors, the stabilizer pins that are present in the exterior doors, manage the alignment of the doors. The pins that are present at the topmost area so as to fit within the door brackets and the base pins that fit within the L-brackets are crafted to affix at jamb and floor sides. The users are advised to avoid drilling within the tile floor by some other method that is reliable instead of this method. The users can easily install the bifold door without track at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described procedure:

Materials Required

  • Measuring Tape, Hacksaw & Sanding Block
  • Screwdriver & Cordless Drill
  • Screw-Tip Attachment & One And A Half-Inch Screws


  • Measure The Area: Start by measuring the area all around the surface of the uppermost doorjamb within an end to end. After taking the measurement, reduce near about 1/8inch for the allowance moment when the users will fit the track within its place. Then trim the required track as per the user's needed length by using the hacksaw and then re-touch the burrs within the trimmed ends by using the sanding block.
  • Unfasten The Setscrews: Then the users need to unfasten the sets of screws over the required pivot brackets by using the flat-headed screwdriver. Then they need to embed the brackets within the tracks from the one end and then drift them altogether adjacent to the central area of track.
  • Prepare The Drill: Then they need to prepare the electric drill and affix the screw tip to it and then place the track beyond the uppermost door jamb and then centrist it in between the inner and the outer door jamb corners. Then affix it by using the required screws at the constructed holes.
  • Slide The Pivot Brackets: Drift each of the pivot brackets against the equivalent exterior track ends. For one inch dense door the users need to place each bracket with the constructed holes in favor of the stabilizer pins at near about 3/4 inch within the surface of the equivalent door jamb. For the 1 1/4- inch dense door they need to place the constructed holes at near about 7/8 inch within the door jamb. Then fasten the screws with the pivot brackets.
  • Place One L-bracket: Then place one L-brackets within the crossway of a floor surface and within the jamb side. The slide-button will be facing upwards and the bracket leg will be opposite to the door jamb. Then unfasten the set of screws within the button and drift it towards the exterior edge of the base leg.
  • Place Other L-bracket: Then they need to place the L-Bracket in between the inner and the outer corners of the door jamb. Affix the inside leg with the door jamb by using two pieces of the 1 1/2-inch sized screws near the constructed holes. Then affix the screws gently so that they will get within the wood frame at the backside of the door jamb. They need to repeat the same process while affixing the rest of the L-brackets within the cross-side of the floor area and to the reverse side of the door jamb.
  • Place One Set Of The Door: Then place the one set of the bifold door with its stabilizing pins near the opening at the door jamb face. Then embed the topmost pin within the hole that is present on the brackets. Then embed the base pin within the hole of the button of slid and embed the roller within the topmost area of the interior door within its track.
  • Install One Door Side: The users need to ask for help from any other persons so as to stable down the bifold doors and they need to lift the base corners of doors against the door jamb till the upright gap that is present at the corner of the exterior door remains consistent. Then affix the screws over the brackets and then follow the same method while affixing the great door side within the other end of opening.
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