How To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door: 5 Easy Steps & Items Needed

5 Easy Steps And Items Needed To Install An Exterior Sliding Barn Door

If you are going to install a sliding barn door but you are not a professional person then still don't worry we will let you know how to convert this tough task to the DIY project. You just need to gather all the required items and go through all the steps carefully. Here is the list of required items and steps for this process:

Items Required

  • A Door Mounting Kit
  • Goggles & Ladders
  • A Socket Wrench
  • A Measuring Tape
  • An Awl & A Mounting Board

Step 1: Attach A Mounting Board

First of all, you need to attach a high-quality mounting board because this board will secure and will also add support to the barn door. You need to be sure that your mounting board is larger than your door. Thus, your barn door will get enough space to slide & easily withstand the weight of your door. It will be best if your board is twice the size of your door.

Step 2: Drill Holes In The Board

You need to get your door measurement & mark your board where you want to drill. When you've selected all the points, then you are ready to start the drilling process. You can get your door measurement from your “Installation guidance” & you will get this guide with the door package. Nowadays, almost every door producer offers a user manual with the products. If you’ve lost it then don't worry you can extremity get the measurement by using your measuring tape but remember, this measurement needs to be perfect. Otherwise, your barn door won’t fit with your mounting board. You need to wear goggles before starting the drilling process because it will keep your eyes safe from the wooden dust or other harmful elements.

Step 3: Attach The Screws And Rollers

When you've finished the drilling process, now it’s time to attach the screws & rollers on your board. You need to be sure that you have attached all of your hardware that comes with your mounting kit. Once all the screws are attached, now it’s time to pay special attention to your rollers. You will need to attach your rollers on the top & a bottom portion of your board. The smoother sliding of your barn door mainly depends on your rollers. So, do this process carefully. You will now need the carriage bolts, nuts, and the washers for attaching the rollers & don’t forget to tighten all these items properly. A socket wrench will do your work properly.

Step 4: Hang The Door

This is the most crucial part because, in this stage of the DIY project, you have to hang your entire door on your mounting board. Be sure that you have attached your door on the right track. As your barn doors are typically more consequential, it is also recommended to seek help from your family & friends.

Step 5: Test The Door

After following all the previous steps, now it’s time to test the project. Simply slide your door both in the forward & backward direction. If it slides smoothly, then it means you've completed your DIY project successfully. Nonetheless, if you feel that the sliding is not smoother enough then you need to recheck your rollers. Rollers are mainly responsible for sliding smoothness.
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