How To Install A Toilet Seat: Step By Step Process Of Installing A Toilet Seat

Step By Step Process & Items Required For Installing A Toilet Seat

Installing the toilet seat is an easy task to perform. When the users are replacing their toilet seat due to the fact that it is very old or they want the newly designed seat, then they need to use the right tools. Unfasten the pre-existing seat and add the new seat in that place by using the metal hardware that will be present in the seat box. The users can easily install the toilet seat at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Toilet Seat, Flathead Screwdriver
  • Wrench Or Adjustable Pliers
  • Spray Oil And Small Hacksaw

Step I: Select The New Seat

  • Measure The Size Dimensions: Start by measuring the existing toilet bowl before buying the new seat. Usually, most of the toilets are available in standard size and then eventually any sized seat will fit. If in case the users want themselves to be very sure regarding this then they need to use the measuring tape so as to find out the distance in between the holes of the bolts within the bowl of the toilet. They need to be assured that the distance in between the bolts that are on the new seat is of the same measurements.
  • Select The Seat Style: Then the users need to select the seat style. Usually, the toilet seat comes up in two different styles but the users can choose differently styled toilet seats from their nearby home improvement store. The users can also select the elongated toilet seat if they wish or they can also buy the whisper close seat that is having the pads at the base so as to protect it from getting slammed down to the bowl. The seat of the toilet also comes up at different prices and the user can easily buy the less costly seat for their toilet at their nearby hardware store.
  • Select The Seat Color: Select the color of their toilet seat that will match up with their existing bowl of the toilet. The users will easily find the seat of the toilet and different colors and they need to select one that will fit perfectly with the bowl of the toilet. In order to attain the classical look, the users can use the white-colored toilet seat, for the contrasting look they can select the blue or wood-toned toilet seat.

Step II: Detaching The Pre-existing Seat

  • Pop Off Caps: Start by popping off the caps of the bolt if required. Then the users need to examine the pre-existing toilet seat edge close to the tank. The users will find out the plastic caps where the hinges of the seat are affixed with the bowl of the toilet. Then they need to smoothly drift the screwdriver beneath the corner so as to pry them off. If in case there are no caps then they will find out the bolts affixing the seat hinges with the bowl of the toilet.
  • Unfasten Nuts: Then they need to unfasten the nuts. They need to hold their wrench and check beneath the seat side edges. They will find out that the bolts are going within the porcelain held within the place with the nuts. They will also find the nuts on each seat side and then affix the wrench with each nut. Then they need to swivel the wrench in the counterclockwise direction so as to unfasten the nuts.
  • Detach The Old Bolts: Detach the pre-existing seat bolts. The bolts that are present at the hinge base over the top of the bowl can be slotted for the screwdriver. Then they need to rotate each bolt in the counterclockwise direction till it is detached or keep on continuing rotating the nuts in the counterclockwise direction till it is permanently detached. If in case the pre-existing seats are having the washers in between the bowl and nut then they need to detach it as well.
  • Use The Spray Or Hacksaw: If in case the pre-existing nuts are stuck they need to spray the WD-40 over the stucked bolt threads and then allow it to sit there for almost 10 minutes. Then try one more time to detach the bolts. If in case the bolt is still stuck then the users need to place their wrench directly over the nut and they need to hold it in the place and hold up the screwdriver on the other hand. Then try to detach the bolt. If required they can also use the hacksaw to pry them off
  • Discard Old Seat And Nuts: Then discard the pre-existing hardware and the seat and if the users have still not lifted up the bolts then they need to lift them up. Then they will easily detach the pre-existing seat and the hinges as well.

Step III: Install The New Seat

  • Set Aside The Hardware: Start by setting the brand-new seat in a place. Detach it within the box and the hinges will be affixed to the seat and then the users need to place these new hinges in the same manner as they were located on the pre-existing seat. The box of the seat will also consist of the nuts and the bolts and may also consist of the plastic caps. The users need to place the hardware near the toilet area.
  • Drop The Bolts: Then drop down the bolts in place. Then take the bolt in hand and the hinges will be having the holes where the bolts are required to be inserted. The users need to place the seat in the same manner as the old seat was placed and then drop down the bolts within the holes that are present in hinges and the toilet bowl as well.
  • Place The Seat: Finally the users need to use the wrench to fasten down the bolts and then repeat the same way while fastening the other bolts. Then at last they need to place the seat in its place and then fix it up with the nuts accordingly.
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