How To Install A Sliding Closet Door: Three Main Parts Of Installing A Sliding Closet Door

Three Main Parts Of Installing A Sliding Closet Door

Sliding doors are considered as one of the elegant as well as modern ways when it comes to finishing your closet. If you use the right hardware & apply the right technique, then installing sliding closet doors yourself can be very easy & simple. One of the important points to remember is to take the measurement of the closet doors before starting the installation process.

Part 1: Preparing And Measuring Your Closet

  1. Remove Any Existing Doors On Your Closet: First of all, with the help of a drill, make sure to unfasten any hinges or tracks from your closet opening, and detach the old doors and keep them aside. There should not be any obstacle to the opening of your closet.
  2. Measure The Height Of Your Closet Opening: Now, measure the distance betwixt the floor and the top of your closet opening, with the help of a tape measure, in order to get the height. Calculate the height numerous times in order to be absolutely sure that your measurement is accurate. Make sure to take note of the height measurement so that you have it for later.
  3. Measure The Width Of Your Closet Opening: Next, using a tape measure start measuring from one side to the other side of your closet opening. Measure the width many times to make sure the measurement is accurate. Like height, take note of the width measurement also so that you can refer to it later.
  4. Buy Sliding Closet Doors And Tracks That Will Fit Your Closet Opening: Sliding closet doors, as well as tracks, are available in a huge range of sizes. When you purchase the closet doors & tracks, make sure to take the taken measurement with you & buy according to the exact measurement, so that they will fit in your closet opening. Find a set of two sliding doors that are available with a pair of tracks.

Part 2: Installing The Tracks

  1. Cut Your Tracks To Size With A Hacksaw If Needed: Firstly, abstract 1–2 mm, i.e, 0.039–0.079 inches, from the closet opening width with the help of the taken measurement. After that, trim the top as well as the base tracks to that length. Make a mark at the place of cutting the tracks, with the help of a pencil, and then rigorously saw along the line using the hacksaw. When you’re done, place the tracks in your closet opening in order to find out whether they fit or not. If in case they are still big, again calculate the width of the closet opening and then trim more of the tracks off.
  2. Position The Top Track On The Top Of Your Closet Opening: Now, the top of the track should be positioned down toward the floor. But remember, you need the assistance of another person in order to take hold of the track in place.
  3. Use A Drill To Screw The Track Into Place: Next, find out the screw holes along the track. Then, drill the screws, that you bought with the sliding door set, into these holes. Make sure to screw them in entirely so the track is secure.
  4. Position The Bottom Track On The Floor Of Your Closet Opening: To reinforce the bottom track up with the top track, calculate the distance betwixt the top trackside and the front edge of your closet opening. Then, place the bottom track in order to make sure that there's an equal amount of distance betwixt the side of it and the front edge of the closet opening.
  5. Screw The Bottom Track Into Place: Drill the screws into the screw holes along the bottom track. When you're done, the top as well as the bottom track should be firmly in place and lined up with each other. If in case your floor is designed out of concrete or tile, then glue the bottom track down rather than using screws.

Part 3: Putting On The Doors

  1. Insert The Wheels On The Top Of The First Door Into The Top Track: Take hold of the door so that the top is inclined backward. After that, fasten the wheels on top of the door into the top trackback runner. The runner is what the wheels move along so that the door can slide back and forth. There are 2 runners on each track, one each in the front and the back. The first door will be placed on the back runners and the second door on the runners in the front of the tracks.
  2. Drop The Wheels On The Bottom Of The Door Into The Bottom Track: Line the base wheels up with the back runner on the base track and then drop them into place. Keep in mind not to unintentionally drop them into the front runner on the track otherwise, the door will be tilted.
  3. Insert The Wheels On The Second Door Into The Runners At The Front Of The Tracks: Perform it similarly as you did with the first door, but make sure to use the front runners on the tracks. When you’re done, both the doors should slide back and forth along the tracks without restraining with each other.
  4. Adjust The Doors As Needed: The majority of the sliding closet doors can be adjusted with the help of the top and bottom rollers. Use the adjusters in order to moderately increase or decrease your closet doors. If in case you are doubtful about adjusting your doors, then it is recommended to go through to the instruction manual that came with them.
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