How To Install A Metal Screen Door: 6 Easy Steps Of Installation

6 Easy Steps Of Installation Of A Metal Screen Door

Metal screen doors are known as an economical choice for home as well as the business owners who desire for the increased security protection. If you want to install a metal screen door at home or some other place yourself, you can do so very easily. The easy steps for installing the metal screen door are as follows:
  1. Selecting a Door: Always choose a metal screen door based on the measurements of the door frame. Also, the user needs to look for the manufacturer's instructions to make sure that all the hardware, as well as the accessories that are necessary for installation, are handy. The mounting hardware must be included with the purchase of the metal screen door. For the easy reference, layout all the installation accessories as well as tools.
  2. Measurement: With the help of a measurement tape, measure the proper height of the door opening. Start measuring from the top of the inner frame which is the header of the door right to the lower inner frame. The Z bar is a piece that is included with the purchase of the door and will be used to attach to the metal screen door. With a hacksaw cut the Z bar so that it will fit within the door opening. Cut the Z bar almost 3/16 inches smaller than the width of the frame of the door.
  3. Place The Metal Screen Door: Inside of the door opening place the metal screen door carefully . Examine the door's placement, and then make sure that the door fits properly. Have a friend or any helper who will hold the door in place in order to drill the holes.
  4. Secure The Door To The Molding: With the help of an electrical drill secure the metal door to the molding. Use the screws which are included in the manufacturer's installation hardware kit. Drill in the screws into the holes in the hinge and then drive them right through the Z bar into the molding. Open as well as close the door to verify that it is installed evenly.
  5. Place The Header Piece: Above the metal screen door keep the header piece. Locate the precut holes that are in the header to make sure where to place the screws. With the help of a screwdriver screw the header in place.
  6. Slip The Expander: Open the door and then slip the expander piece all along the bottom of the screen door. The expander is actually a strip that will act as a barrier to keep all the debris from collecting under the door. With the help of an electric drill screw down the expander into place. Open as well as close the door again to make sure that there is enough clearance after the expander is in place.
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