How To Install A Kitchen Cabinet Valance: Step By Step Process Of Installing A Kitchen Cabinet Valance

Step By Step Process Of Installing A Kitchen Cabinet Valance

Usually, some of the cabinetmakers prefer to install a valance on kitchen cabinets, preferably over the sink or where two cabinets are segregated by a window. The valance gets in touch with the ceiling, comprising the space betwixt two cabinets. Valances mostly have an elegant style cut into the bottom edge. It can be very simple french curves, or complicated angles and dips. They are generally made from the same 3/4-inch hardwood that were used to build the cabinets and is the final touch for most cabinets. In order to install a kitchen cabinet valance, collect the items required for the process & follow the step by step process mentioned below carefully:

Items Needed

  • Miter Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Drill bit, 3/16-Inch
  • Screws, 1 1/2-Inch

Step By Step Process

  1. To start the installation process, you have to maintain an upright position on top of the countertop. Then, calculate the distance betwixt the two cabinets where you want to install the valance. Make sure to take the calculation close to the ceiling as much as you can. Divide the calculation in half.
  2. The next step is to discover the exact center of the valance. The valance will have a series of lows or highs that repeat. Using the above-taken calculations, calculate an equal distance from the center to both ends. The main aim is to trim the valance off on either end, making the focal point of the valance in the center. Set on the saw and trim the valance on both ends.
  3. Now, take hold of the valance in place betwixt the two cabinets. If in case the valance is too tight, then cut one end with the help of a miter saw. If it gets out of balance, you don't need to worry as a fragment of an inch, either way doesn't matter at all and will never show.
  4. Next, open the cabinets doors on any of the two sides of the valance. Position yourself on the countertop. Outstretch into the top corner of the first cabinet with the help of a cordless drill and a 3/16-inch bit. Drill a hole, parallel to the plane of the horizon, across the side of the cabinet, 3/8 inch from the front edge and 1 inch down from the top of the cabinet. Calculate 2 inches from the first hole and then drill another hole. Perform this on both the cabinets.
  5. Then, take hold of the valance in place against the ceiling. Open the valance into place so that its ends are instantly over the screw holes in the sides of the cabinets.
  6. Position 1 1/2-inch screws into the holes. Outstretch in with the cordless drill and fasten the screws tightly to the ends of the valance on both sides. The important point to note is that the valance will not fix flush along the front of the cabinets.
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