How To Install A Key Lock On A Sliding Glass Door: Step By Step Instructions Of Installing A Key Lock

Step By Step Instructions Of Installing A Key Lock On A Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are generally lockable only from the inside & due to this reason, these types of doors are not used as entry doors. However, it is highly possible to use your sliding glass door as one of the regular entry point, but in that case, you need to install a key lock, therefore, the door can be unlocked from the outside as well. In order to keep your sliding glass door well secured against the burglars or prevent children to open the door, then the best option is to also install a key lock on the inside of the door. To install a key lock on a sliding glass door, go through the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. First & foremost step is to cleanse the door frame with the help of hot, soapy water and then make it to dry entirely.
  2. The next step is to position your head near the frame and then tap it with the tip of a screwdriver as long as you notice the sound change, which in turn, strongly suggests that no glass is present behind the frame. After that, trace the spot on the frame. Take hold of the new lock-up to the door in order to make a decision about where the lock and screw holes need to be drilled. Keep marking on each screw holes.
  3. Now, position the metal punch over the marked spot on the frame. Tap it with the help of a hammer smoothly in order to create a hole. Drill the hole out unless & until the lock adjusts inside. Drill out any holes, that are essential, for the lock-securing screws in the same manner. Fix the lock with the help of mounting screws.
  4. Finally, take into consideration the door frame for the latch plate. Drill any essential holes and attach the latch plate to the frame before testing the lock. Now, your sliding glass door is secured with the installation of a key lock.

Types Of Locks For Sliding Doors

If in case you want to secure your home, then a good place to get going is the sliding glass door. These entry points are regarded as a weak spot as far as residential break-ins are concerned. The best option is to replace the standard lock on the door with a kind of lock that offers a higher level of security. Two of the best lock options are listed below:

Two-Bolt Sliding Door Locks

The two-bolt locking system is exceptional when it comes to securing a sliding glass door. The best thing about these locks are that they are very easy to install at any height on the door. A two-bolt lock best works by moving a strong steel bolt smoothly into the frame when shifted into the locked position. This system gives an extra level of security to the latch.

Smart Locks For Sliding Glass Doors

Smart locks are other best options that are currently available in order to secure a sliding glass door. One of the smart locks includes Padiolock which does not have any keys & gives homeowners excess to lock as well as unlock a sliding glass door. It can be activated from both the inside as well as outside the house. These electronic locks generally enhance security due to the reason that they are powerful and more protected compared to standard slider door locks. Homeowners mostly prefer to keep the door locked more consistently as it’s so easy to unlock when required. They can also be unlocked easily in case of any emergency as compared to the traditional keyed lock mechanism. Another important feature of this locking system is that you can use a keypad, through which you can simply enter a code to gain entry to the home.
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