How To Install A Garage Door: Step By Step Easy Guide Of Installation

Step By Step Easy Guide Of Installation Of A Garage Door

There are a number of ways that are used to install a garage door, however below you will find the easy step-by-step guide on how to install a garage door quickly as well as very easily, with the moderate do-it-yourself skills and the tools.

Step 1: Measure

Start the installation process by measuring the various areas where the garage door will be installed like the door opening height and width, and also the headroom from top of the opening to ceiling, as well as the backroom to the length of the garage. For the headroom, there must be about 10" to 12" inches of the space, it totally depends on the spring. And for the back room, there should be the door height, plus another 18" inches or more of space.

Step 2: Attach Hinges And Handles

After the proper measurements are done, now temporarily attach stops on both sides of the opening, and also it is important to make sure that they are properly flush with the inside edge of the jamb of the door. With the help of the sawhorses, lay down the bottom piece of the new door, and then attach any of weather stripping if needed. Additionally, secure any of the hinges as well as the lift handles to the right piece.

Step 3: Secure Bottom Piece Into Position

Now in this step, the user needs to insert the bottom piece in the door frame and to properly set the piece use a level. Once the piece is properly placed in the right place, tap down the nails but in partway into each of the jambs. Slant or simply slightly bend the nails to fix them in place. Now, using the manufacturer's instructions to assemble all the vertical, curved as well as horizontal pieces of the track and then set aside.

Step 4: Install The Remaining Panels

After the above step is properly done now it is time to install the second panel right at the top of the first one, to hold it in place simply hammer the nails into the side jambs. Install the hinges and then repeat the process for as many panels as necessary. The user will need to anchor down each piece into the door jamb.

Step 5: Install The Rollers

After all the sections are properly secured, now install the rollers into the section's roller supports. With section's roller supports in place, secure the rollers in the assembled track, also secure the track's brackets while working the way. It is advisable to be very careful in not pressing the rollers too tightly against the track this is because it will create friction which can cause damage to the door.

Step 6: Secure The Tracks And Attach The Springs

Once the vertical tracks are secured against the jambs, install the horizontal as well as curved pieces. While installing the horizontal pieces, use the previous measurements and the level to make sure that all the tracks are straight and also that they are pointing away at the 90 degrees from the opening. Now that all the tracks are secured, secure down all the springs according to the instructions of the manufacturer. With the help of a friend or partner, lift up the door to about half-length to make sure that all the tracks are at the proper level and parallel. Once all is set, lift the door to the remaining distance and then attach the springs to the pulley system and the installation process is completed.
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