How To Install A Chandelier: Step By Step Guide Of Installing A Chandelier

Step By Step Guide & Items Required For Installing A Chandelier

The chandeliers are the appealing option of lighting and in order to install it, the users need to use the sturdy pre-existing support of the ceiling. If in case the chandelier is quite heavy then the users need to take their extra time so as to install the strong support. The users can easily install a chandelier at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Screwdriver, Wrench, Pliers
  • Colored Tape, Wire Connectors, Stepladder
  • Wire Stripper, Fan Brace, And Mounting Strap

Step I: Detach The Pre-Existing Fixtures

  • Turn The Power Off: Start by turning off the power connection to the entire circuit where the users are planning to locate their chandelier or they can simply unfasten the fuse to the specific fixture that they are replacing. If in case the circuits are not labeled then the users need to examine them with the trials and the errors until they won't find the fixtures are turned off completely.
  • Use The Tester: Now verify whether the power is turned off or not and then turn the switch on and off for few minutes so as to be assured that no electricity is running along with the present fixtures. If in case no type of fixture is installed then use the tester so as to examine each wire. If desired the users can also use the multimeter but that is complicated to get used.
  • Remove The Detachable Items: Then the users require to detach all the removable items from the pre-existing fixtures. If the fixture is installed that consists of the glass covers and the bulbs then the users require detaching them and then placing them far away. By this, the users can easily remove the fixtures that too without damaging the items.
  • Remove The Old Fixtures: Remove the pre-existing fixtures using the screwdriver or the wrench so as to detach the screws or the nuts that are affixing the old fixture with the ceiling. The users are advised to ask the help from their assistant or friend who can hold the fixture before the users detach the fixture and they are advised not to remove the wires.
  • Note The Connection Of Wires: Note how exactly the electric wires are attached. There need to be more than 2 wires that are attaching the pre-existing fixture with the electrical circuit and the users will also find that the wires are color-coded and they will be black and the white in color. The users need to make the diagram of the connections of wire and they can also use the colored tape so as to distinguish the wires from one another.
  • Remove The Wires: Detach the wiring and then unfasten the wire connector in the counterclockwise direction and then remove the wires accordingly. Then the users need to transfer their pre-existing fixtures to any storage space.

Step II: Install The Support For The Chandelier

  • Turn The Power Off: Start by turning the power off and if the users didn't require to detach the pre-existing fixtures then they might not have to switch the power off. They need to visit their electrical panel and then switch off the breaker of the circuit or they can also detach the fuse that is connected with an electrical circuit. They need to use the tester so as to examine whether the power is off or not.
  • Find The Weight: Then find out the total weight of the new chandelier and usually, the ceiling affixed boxes can support the 50-pound weight. If the new chandelier is heavier than that, the users need to install the fan brace that can withstand the chandelier weight.
  • Remove The Old Box: Now detach the pre-existing box and this box would be affixed with the ceiling by the nails or the screws. The users need to detach these by using the hammer or the screwdriver and then completely detach the box.
  • Remove The Metal Bar: If the users found that there is a metal bar at the ceiling top then they need to use the hacksaw so as to trim it in two equal halves and then lift them upwards so as to discard them.
  • Use The Fan Brace: If in case the fixture is in between the joists of the ceiling, the users need to use the fan brace which they can buy from any home store. They need to place the brace within the ceiling hole and then swivel it so that it will easily rest on the ceiling top. Then rotate the bar in between the fingers to spread down its arms until the users won't feel that both the ends make up the contact with the joists of the ceiling. Use the wrench so as to fasten the brace smoothly.
  • Use The Pancake Box: If in case the fixture is beneath the joist of the ceiling then the users need to use the pancake styled box. Then affix this box with the joists of the ceiling by using the screws accordingly.

Step III: Affix The Chandelier

  • Assemble The Base: Start by assembling the base of the chandelier but the users are advised not to affix the bulbs. Then if required they can also shorten up the chain of the chandelier.
  • Affix The String: Then install the affixing string to the affixed box and install it by using the screws so as to make the fastener connection. Then the users need to thread the wires of the chandelier within each chandelier portion.
  • Affix The Chandelier: After that, the users need to affix the chandelier but they need to take the help from their assistant or the friend so that they can hold it in the place accordingly.
  • Cover The Wires: Next cover each uncovered wire close to the earthing screw and then use the wire stripper so as to detach the 0.5 inches of the insulation of the wire so that the wire gets exposed. Then affix the neutral wires with one another and eventually unite the hot wires with one another.
  • Test It: Finally affix the chandelier in the place by using the bolts and the nuts to fasten it with the ceiling. Then at last the users need to examine the chandelier.
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